Arizona Rehab

Suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be a difficult and traumatic experience. Once you realize you have a problem it might be hard to resolve on your own. There are many reasons for your addiction so it is important to learn what caused it so you can learn new behaviors instead. An Arizona rehab facility offers a wide range of treatment options for those who have dependency issues that need to be resolved.

Therapy Options

There are various types of therapy options for those who are going through Arizona rehab. Talking about your addiction and working through the reasons for it are essential to a successful recovery process.

    Individual and Group Counseling. These are the traditional methods used in the resolution of many types of problems including drug or alcohol addictions. Individual treatment allows a patient to look inward to find the reasons behind the addictive behaviors. Group counseling lets patients help each other through their situations. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is useful for patients to learn how to manage thought pattern using positive encouragement. This type of therapy is helpful for those with specific needs such as those with obsessive compulsive disorder. Motivational Enhancement Therapy helps patients through the use of personal motivations. It is often helpful in the treatment of drug or alcohol addictions. Family Therapy involves the patient’s important family members. Family members are often important in assisting an individual work through their addictions. They can help motivate the patient and help keep their addictive behaviors in check. 12-Step Programs provide a dozen steps that have been shown to be useful in resolving substance dependency. Patients work through each of the steps with help from a sponsor. Once the steps are successfully completed the person is on his way to a full recovery. Holistic Therapy helps patients by dealing with their entire body as a whole including their physical, psychological and emotional well-being. They learn methods of enhancing their lives to help prevent them from returning to destructive or addictive behaviors.

Treatment at an Arizona Rehab

Treatment begins with an evaluation of each individual. The person’s needs are reviewed to determine a treatment plan that is likely to be the most successful. Treatment plans may be outpatient or inpatient and might be short or long term. The details of a plan depend on each individual. Those who suffer from serious addictions or who have health complications may do well with an inpatient treatment plan that lasts from 6 months to one year in length. After an inpatient treatment a patient may take part in structured sober living. This allows a smooth transition into life outside the facility. Continued care and attention are a part of life after treatment to ensure that the addiction is kept at bay.

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction you need to seek help from an experienced Arizona rehab. Contact the compassionate team at Desert Cove Recovery to discuss your recovery and treatment options today.