What a Holistic Treatment Center Offers That Others May Not

What a Holistic Treatment Center Offers That Others May Not

When you’re taking the leap to seek help for a substance use disorder, you may not look too closely at the programs and services each potential treatment facility offers. Especially if you’ve been feeling like you’re at rock bottom, any help seems better than no help at all. While this is true to an extent, there are key differences in treatment centers. A holistic treatment center offers a number of benefits for long-term health and sobriety versus a conventional addiction facility. 

Differences Between Holistic Treatment Center and a Conventional Clinic

Most rehabs treat your drug or alcohol addiction as the main problem that needs to be fixed. There is detox, medical supervision, and perhaps some addiction-focused therapy to help you confront your thoughts and feelings surrounding drugs and alcohol. However, this approach leaves out the most crucial part: the rest of your life outside of your substance use disorder.

 Addiction may seem like your primary source of problems. Unfortunately, many individuals leave conventional rehab programs and encounter the same problems that led them to abuse substances in the first place. Often, these issues are as daunting as ever. 

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Failing to understand that addiction is only a part of yourself is one reason that people struggle with relapse after rehab. In truth, countless other factors influence your emotions, decisions, and situations. If you leave a treatment program or facility and go back to the same home and work life, and social circles where substance use is normal, then trouble is likely. 

This is where holistic treatment centers are different. Instead of focusing solely on addiction, holistic treatment focuses on treating the whole person. Each person has a unique combination of thoughts, feelings, friends, family, stress, financial obligations, or other factors affecting them. You can’t simply treat one tiny piece of that equation. It is all connected. 

Getting Clean ASAP is Great, But What’s Your Long-Term Strategy?

Recovery is about much more than getting through detox and rehab. Even after every trace of drugs or alcohol leaves your system, you may still be dealing with stress, triggering life situations, and perhaps even trauma or mental illness. Without support for these issues, you’ll have to face them alone. What would be different than before? What would keep you from turning to the same old coping mechanisms that have always drawn you in? Think of holistic treatment as a way to learn the skills you will need to face life and all of its tricky issues once the immediate recovery phase has ended.

Holistic centers, such as Desert Cove Recovery, believe in individualized treatment plans that suit your unique needs. In general, you can expect a well-rounded approach that will address your physical, emotional, and spiritual sides. Depending on your interests and the facility you choose, there are several activities to try. You can attend yoga classes, fitness meetups, group or solo talk therapy, hiking groups, meditation sessions, and other activities to improve one of these three critical areas.

With time and effort, you will come to understand more and more about yourself. Though it may take a significant amount of personal work, it is possible to learn why you became addicted in the first place, what your current triggers are, and how you can avoid those triggers in your daily life. And with that knowledge comes the power to mold your life into whatever form you want it to take from now on.

Desert Cove Recovery Can Help You Heal Your Whole Self 

We understand that you are far more than your addiction. You are a whole person, with a mind, body, and spirit all your own. Our holistic program will teach you the coping skills necessary for lifelong sobriety while helping you understand the physical, emotional, spiritual, or environmental factors that encourage or hinder your progress. With this knowledge, you can forge your path forward and begin your new life without needing to fall back on drugs or alcohol when things get challenging.

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