Margaret Sisk - Primary Therapist

Margaret Sisk

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Margaret is one of the Primary Therapists at Desert Cove Recovery. Margaret’s journey of self-discovery, viewed through a holistic lens, led her to the field of recovery due to her own experiences with addiction. Through her personal recovery journey, she discovered a deep passion for assisting others in finding their own paths to a new life.

With an emphasis on the Felt Sense PolyVagal Theory of Trauma and Addiction, Margaret’s aim is to guide clients in delving into their inner or “felt sense” through somatic experiencing practices. By doing so, they can grasp the significance of bodily sensations in processing emotions and experiences. Through this journey, her goal is to facilitate their exploration of their inner selves, fostering the rebuilding of self-trust and empowering them to confidently progress along their path to recovery.Margaret is grateful for her journey and the gained knowledge to help those on choosing recovery as a path in life.