Glendale Inpatient Substance Addiction Rehab

Why the Glendale Inpatient Substance Addiction Rehab Program is Right for You

Glendale Inpatient Substance Addiction Rehab

Addiction is a troubling disease. Not only does it impact every aspect of a person’s life, but it also convinces an individual that he doesn’t have a problem, or that she can stop using drugs or alcohol on her own, at any time. That is why it is often said that the first step toward sobriety is admitting that a problem exists, and that help is needed to fix the problem.

If you have recently admitted that you need help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol and you are serious about attaining sobriety, you are going to want to fully invest yourself in the recovery process. While it is possible to beat addiction on your own, an inpatient rehab center has been proven to be the most effective form of treatment. At Desert Cove Recovery, the leading inpatient rehab center in the Glendale area, we have helped so many people successfully beat their battle with addiction, and we know that we can help you, too.

Inpatient Rehab Defined

There are different options available for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Many people take the ‘cold turkey’ approach, which involves stopping the use of a substance on your own, without assistance or support. Outpatient rehab involves receiving assistance and support, but after treatment, a patient returns back to his or her home. Inpatient rehabilitation, however, is a residential treatment center; patients not only receive treatment at the facility, but they remain on the premises until they have completed their treatment program.

The duration of treatment at an inpatient rehab facility varies for each person. On average, the length of stay is 30 days; however, there are longer stays available, including 60 and 90 days. As Desert Cove Recovery, we take several factors into consideration when recommending how long a patient should stay with us. These factors include the type of substance that is being used, the severity of the addiction, how long the substance was being used for, and whether or not there are any co-occurring conditions that may contribute to or complicate the addiction.

The Process of Inpatient Rehab

Every inpatient rehab facility uses a different approach to treatment. At Desert Cove Recovery, we use a holistic approach. We believe that in order to treat an addiction, the entire person needs to be treated, mind, body and spirit. We don’t just address the addiction, but we address the factors that have likely lead to the development of the addiction.

Though are treatment plans are customized for each individual patient, here’s a look at some of the programs and therapies you may experience at Desert Cove Recovery:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Nutritional therapy

The type of treatment you will receive is based specifically on your individual needs. We determine which treatments will be the most effective for you by taking various factors into consideration, which we assess when you first arrive at our facility.

The Advantages of Inpatient Rehab

Decades of scientific research have determined that inpatient rehab is the most effective method for treating substance addiction and abuse. Why? – Because inpatient rehab offers a wealth of benefits that other types of treatment simply don’t.

Some of the most notable advantages that inpatient rehab offers include:

  • Around the clock monitoring
  • Access to assistance whenever it is needed
  • Tremendous comfort
  • Support from a professional staff that understands the facets of addiction and how to help patients successfully overcome it
  • A sense of community, as you are surrounded by others who are also battling addiction and also understand the struggles that are associated with the disease
  • Knowledge to fully understand addiction, how to treat it, and how to confront it in a healthy manner
  • Greater long-term success
  • A faster rate of recovery
  • Reduced stress from the outside world, which could trigger your desire to use alcohol or drugs
  • Improved focus on recovery
  • No access to drugs or alcohol

These are just a handful of the benefits that inpatient rehab offers patients who are battling addiction.

Who Should Consider Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is a treatment option that anyone who is suffering from addiction should consider. It is a treatment option that the following people, in particular, should strongly take into consideration:

  • Those who are addicted to drugs that seriously impair the function of the brain and body and are known to cause severe withdrawal effects, such as alcohol, opiates, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and inhalants.
  • Those who have been using drugs or alcohol for a prolonged period of time, and at high doses.
  • Anyone who has tried to stop using a substance before, whether on their own or with the help of an outpatient rehab center, but have relapsed.

If you or someone you love is battling addiction, don’t lose hope. There is help available, and at Desert Cove Recovery, we can provide you with that help. We offer a safe and comfortable space with compassionate care from experts who are highly trained in substance addiction and abuse.

Addiction is an all-encompassing and scary disease. It requires serious treatment and a life-long commitment to treat it. Let Desert Cove Recovery provide you with the assistance that you need in order to put substance use behind you so that you can move forward toward a happier, healthier life, free of drugs and alcohol.

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