Drug and Alcohol Rehab Testimonials

Our daughter had been in and out of treatment facilities one right after another for over a year. She never got the treatment she needed at the other facilities due to overcrowding, time limits on stays or insurance saying they would only allow her to stay for so long even though, we as parents could see she wasn’t ready. Before she even chose to get treatment at Desert Cove Recovery, the staff was looking out for her well-being and safety. They helped her get the proper treatment before being a client with them. Desert Cove’s program is different than the other programs. They provide more individualized therapy and look at the individual as a whole and not just as a textbook diagnosis. They didn’t move on until they felt the client was ready for it. The staff was upfront with us and did not sugar coat our daughter’s progress like they did at other treatment facilities. They handled everything such as legal, financial, transportation and medical concerns and communicated with us as needed. With their help, as parents, we were finally able to relax a little and concentrate on our own healing and focus on getting our lives back on track after years of turmoil. Every staff member, from the receptionist to the director, at Desert Cove, was professional and kept us informed. The staff was honest and up front with our daughter and even though they challenged her she chose to stay at Desert Cove as an inpatient longer than a typical client which allowed her some extra treatment before moving on to a sober living home. Our daughter has been sober for almost 1 year and we attribute Desert Cove Recovery for providing her with the tools she needs for her sobriety.

A Parent — September 2017

Before sending our son to Desert Cove Recovery, he was going to outpatient programs that didn’t work for him. We contacted our insurance company and they recommended Desert Cove Recovery. When he was ready to address his addiction, (heroin), he entered the program and graduated after six months. After graduation he was placed in a sober living home for another 2 months. When he left the sober living home he got a good job, an apartment and bought a car. That was a little over two years ago, and to this day he is sober and living a fruitful life. We are 100 percent convinced that if it weren’t for Desert Cove Recovery our son wouldn’t be where he is today.

Gary — August 2016

Therapist, We just want to thank you so much for being such a great positive influence in our son’s life. He really needed you in his life. We, as parents, could not provide what you gave our son at this so crucial time in his life. Love, caring, honor, self respect, determination…..he’s really come a long way this past year. And he never would have made it without YOU. We know it hasn’t been easy for him. But we love the young intelligent man he’s become.

Thank you so much and all the best to the wonderful staff at Desert Cove Recovery.

You all saved our son’s life!!

Parents and Step-parent — October 2015

Thank God for Desert Cove and the therapists that work there. My son’s therapist was an answer to a Mother’s prayers. I don’t think anyone other than him could have made such an impact and lead my son to actually believe that he could overcome his drug addiction. The therapist who my son worked with shares his past with complete honestly and gains the respect of his clients by allowing them to be comfortable and open up. The program that Desert Cove has in place is far superior to anywhere my son has gone previously for treatment. If it wasn’t for his therapist and Desert Cove I very well could be typing my son’s obituary instead of this testimonial. Thank you everyone at Desert Cove, but most of all thank you to his therapist for his immense heart for the addicted. My son is sober thanks to him and the entire Desert Cove staff.

A Parent — September 2015

In November of 2014 my life had completely fallen apart. I was broken down and hopeless. Everything that mattered to me was taken away and I had no idea how to fix the destruction that my drug use had caused. I lost custody of my children, was no longer allowed to work, broke my family’s hearts and was barely living. In fact, I was just existing; wandering aimlessly.

As the result of good fortune, I ended up at Desert Cove Recovery Center. I spent weeks detoxing; hating myself and the life that I had been living, while also hating the distance between my children and I even more. With the support of the staff and people around me, I made it through the horrible detox and slowly I began to smile again. I began to laugh. I began to feel human. I was surrounded by people who were so similar to me; all facing challenges, all struggling with addiction and all seeking a solution to the problem. I started to have some hope that life could be different.

It is hard to put into words what the staff at Desert Cove has done for me. They loved me when I could not love myself. They taught me a new way of living and dealing with life on life’s terms. They kept me safe when I wasn’t capable of keeping myself safe or making good decisions. They helped me to see the reality of my actions and I slowly started to realize how delusional and warped some of my beliefs were. This mental shift is what helped me to change my behavior and ultimately, change my life.

I graduated from Desert Cove in May of 2015. Since then, I attend the aftercare program twice a week. I look forward to aftercare; it is like going back home. The people I met in treatment and the staff at Desert Cove feel like family to me. I have been so blessed to have been given the opportunity to rebuild my life. Desert Cove has been a support for me every step of the way. Everything I lost is slowly coming back to me and in ways that I could never have imagined. I have so much gratitude for this program and for the staff that work there. They truly put their heart and soul into their work and it has made a huge difference in my life, my family’s lives, and the lives of my children.

Molly — August 2015

After years of struggling with addiction, a friend of the family referred me to Desert Cove Recovery Center for treatment. From the moment I arrived there, I knew I was right where I needed to be. The staff welcomed me and always treated me with dignity and respect. I felt very safe and soon realized that there could be a better way to live! I remember trying to justify my actions when I was using and realized what I was doing was not working for me…. I needed help!

The time I spent at Desert Cove with the counselors, staff and other patients changed who I was. I could not be the sober person I am today without all of them. I can honestly say they saved my life. There really are no words to describe what they have done for me and for so many others that suffer daily. I now have almost 9 months of sobriety! If you or someone you know and love struggles with addiction, and has the willingness to change, I recommend this Treatment Center!! Just knowing that almost all of the staff has been through recovery themselves gave me motivation to want to be like them…to be happy and healthy and helping others to live the solution instead of the problem!

Thank you for loving me until I could love myself!!!


Linda — July 2015

Desert Cove was the final treatment center that I went to and I have been sober ever since I graduated from there. I was very pleased with the program and had a life changing experience while I was a client there. My favorite thing about Desert Cove was that in addition to all of the counseling and group sessions, we were also able to go to outside meetings, get a sponsor and start working a 12 step program.

Jackie — July 2015

I would like everyone to know that Desert Cove helped my daughter find herself and showed her the way to live a sober life. I was in a bad place when my daughter fell into the drug scene. I didn’t think it would happen to my family, but it did and Desert Cove helped save her life. Desert Cove also helped me save my life. They were there to hear my frustration and to get her help. If it wasn’t for Desert Cove, only God knows where she would be. Thank you Desert Cove for keeping my daughter out of prison and or a cemetery.

William — July 2015

I was dead inside, sick, shattered and hopeless. For many years, I lived the painful life of an alcoholic. I had no concept of a resolution, because all I knew was to drink, as I thought everyone did. However, I didn’t consume substances like an average person. As my conscious had formulated in sobriety and I could see clearly, I realized that I wasn’t practical in my daily affairs. My mind and emotions had been paralyzed by my addiction; the disease was eating me alive. I was held captive in my own will; that is until I went to Desert Cover Recovery, where I was given a design for living.

“To the human species, bare into the unknown. We hesitate to take a risk for the better, and feel safer taking a fall. How far will you go, until you can accept to let it ALL go?”

If that makes no sense, then keep on reading.

Living a good, healthy and fulfilling life is possible if you take step by step in the right direction. The way to know that is simple, but not easy. Desert Cove educated me about addiction, helped me process my past and taught me the course of action to maintain a sober life. I recommend this program and treatment center to anyone who suffers from addiction. Perhaps your life is unjustified, but let go and take a chance for a life beyond your imagination.

I am forever grateful for all the counselors, nurses, facilitators and support that Desert Cove Recovery provided me in the most fundamental time of my life.

Diana — July 2015

Over the past few years, not only our son’s life, but his family’s lives were affected by addiction. January 14, 2015 was a memorable day. It was the hardest, yet best day of our lives. That was the day that we sent our son to Desert Cove. It was the day that we decided that we couldn’t keep living our lives like we were and the day that he couldn’t keep living his life the way that he was. It was the first day of the rest of our lives.

The first month in treatment was rough, but as time went on our son found a place for himself and began to feel more comfortable at Desert Cove. He learned that he has his whole life ahead of him and it can be long and happy life. I have no words to describe the counselors and staff at Desert Cove; they basically took a life that was falling apart and helped to mold it back together. His counselors taught him that with hard work, he can live the life that he wants to live. Desert Cove offered our son hope and possibilities that we didn’t think were possible. We are beyond grateful that we now have our son back. Prior to sending him to Desert Cove, we felt as if we had no life. Now we feel as if we all have happy lives ahead of us. We are forever indebted to Desert Cove for turning around a very painful situation and making so many people happy again. The son we have now is the son who we raised; he is caring, thoughtful, generous and hard working. We can’t say enough about Desert Cove and would recommend them to everyone.

Thankful parents from New York — July 2015

I was admitted to Desert Cove Recovery on May 23, 2014. Before treatment I was a daily drug user who was addicted to prescription pain killers, anxiety medication, marijuana and alcohol. I am a 5′ 10″ adult male, who weighed less than 130 lbs in my addiction; I was slowly killing myself. My self-destructive behaviors were also destroying my family. Upon beginning the treatment program at Desert Cove, my life began to change dramatically. My primary counselor, along with the other incredible counselors on staff, saved my life. I received outstanding care. At 27 years old I hadn’t had a sober night in over 10 years. I was constantly hospitalized with crippling fear and anxiety. I couldn’t stand on my own as an independent adult and I didn’t want to live. While in treatment I learned about the 12 steps of recovery and the importance of sponsorship. I was also shown, through various techniques, how to control my anxiety. In addition, I was able to work out every day and before I knew it I was 172lbs and in the best shape of my life. I was excited to be alive again. This July marks one year of continuous sobriety for me. I’m financially independent for the first time in my life and my family is finally at peace knowing I’m safe, sober and happy. I owe that to Desert Cove. Each person on staff played a vital role in my recovery and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank You Desert Cove!!

Patrick — July 2015

I sincerely want to thank Desert Cove for helping me to get sober. They taught me to find the similarities and not the differences between me and others in addiction; they not only changed my life, but saved my life. The therapists at Desert Cove never sugar coated my addiction, instead they related to me and opened my eyes to the people that I had hurt. I truly believe that Desert Cove was put in my life for a reason and I am so grateful today to know that I don’t have to hurt my loved ones the way that I did before. Thank you Desert Cove.

Michael — July 2015

Desert Cove saved my life. This program gave me many lifelong tools on how to stay sober, for the long term. During my stay at Desert Cove Recovery I had the opportunity to take advantage of all therapy groups presented to me and really walk away with solutions every time. Freedom from my addiction and relationships with my loved ones are the greatest gifts I obtained from this program. If it wasn’t for this program I wouldn’t be where I am at today, I would probably be dead.

Jack — July 2015

I arrived in Arizona a desperate, broken, delusional thirty year old toddler. From the moment that I entered Desert Cove for treatment, hope was instilled in me. The staff openly and honestly shared their experience in a way that forced me to pay attention; these people had been where I was, had found a solution and a way to a better life. I wanted what they had.

The time that I spent at Desert Cove not only gave me the tools I needed to live a clean and sober life; it shaped me into a productive adult, helped me regain my sense of self, restored me to sanity and challenged me to consistently evolve throughout my sobriety.

This was not my first attempt at treatment, but it was the most effective one. I fully believe that is because of the staff and the dedication that they have to each and every broken soul that comes through their doors. Although they would never take the credit, I fully believe the staff at Desert Cove saved my life and helped me to create a life that I couldn’t be more content with. Their commitment to their own sobriety and to improving the lives of other addicts continues to inspire me.

The family I was welcomed into at Desert Cove set me straight when I was wrong, accepted no less than what was necessary, let me know I was never alone, showed me there was hope for me, built me up when I was down and loved me until I could love myself. These people worked with me and my family, fiercely; we are all happier healthier people today simply because of the relentless honesty, care and guidance of the counselors at Desert Cove.

Today I have over a year clean and sober. Not a day goes by that I do not have a moment of gratitude for Desert Cove and the role that the people there play in my life, my recovery and the lives of my family. At least once a day I hear one of their voices in my head reminding me of a lesson that was taught to me or I hear their words of guidance come from my mouth when I am working with another addict.

All my family wished for me when I came across the country to go to treatment was to be healthy, happy and have peace of mind. Today I can say that I am all of those things. All I wanted was to survive and not die a statistic. Today I not only survive, I thrive. My life has a purpose, my heart is full of gratitude and I smile more than I ever have in my life. The foundation I built at Desert Cove allowed for all of that to happen. I would not be the women I am today without the people I am blessed to have met at Desert Cove.

Desert Cove, their program, the staff that worked with me, the twelves steps, my sponsor, the aftercare program at Desert Cove and sober living not only saved my life, it changed my life and I thank God for it every day.

ToniMarie — June 2015

Last fall, our son relapsed on drugs and as parents we felt lost. With our support, he decided to seek treatment and go to Desert Cove Recovery. Although it was difficult for us to be separated from him, it helped to break the cycle of co-dependence and enabling. After successfully completing the extended care program, he thanked us and said that it was the best thing that we could have ever done for him. We are especially thankful to the therapists at Desert Cove for the loving care and guidance that they gave our son throughout his journey in recovery. While our son is 9 months sober today, he has a long road ahead of him in fighting the war against addiction. Thank you Desert Cove.

Paul and Katie — June 2015

My husband and I were recently able to spend four fantastic days with our son Christopher. Those four days were some of the most peaceful moments that we can remember having with him sober. Christopher referenced the staff at Desert Cove several times during our time together and said how he greatly respects them, as do I. Our son is maturing into a fine man and I want to thank Desert Cove from the bottom of my heart for helping him come back.

Kathleen — April 2015

Our son has been an addict for more than six years. He started with prescribed pain pills, moved to illegally obtained pills and then prescribed Suboxone to assist withdrawal.

Two years in he went to rehab. He was clean during the residential portion of the program and learned to do heroin during aftercare.

When he agreed to come to Desert Cove he was living in motels and supporting himself by panhandling, stealing and when visiting, he conned his parents. He was emaciated.

Desert Cove offered him and us some hope without promises of certain recovery or rosy outcomes. The counselor with whom our son would work most closely was knowledgeable and empathetic and brutally frank.

Five months later our son is in aftercare. He’s clean and sober. He tests clean. He goes to meetings. He understands his addiction and himself and his relationships as never before. He expresses commitment to his continued recovery. He seems more responsible and empathetic. He’s gained back 40 pounds. He’s employed. He has strong relationships with others who are working at recovery.

We know recovery is a process without an end. We know that there are as many who fail after rehab as there are who continue to progress.

We know the addict is responsible for his own recovery. We also know that the structure, honesty, and insight of the staff at Desert Cove particularly, the primary therapist who treated our son, gave him a real chance at recovery. Our son’s primary therapist showed him and us what we all needed to do.

Parents of Successful Patient — April 2015

I cannot adequately express the gratitude I feel for the staff and program of Desert Cove Recovery. My son was in a terrible state when a Human Resources representative at his work recommended Desert Cove. I was also in a terrible state. Whole families suffer when one of its member struggles with ADDICTION. All around us we hear of heartbreaking consequences to this tragic disease. Too often, we hope, and pray, and stumble in an effort to help loved ones when we are as lost in its effects as the Addict.

Desert Cove has been a lifechanging experience for my son. He has struggled for 15 years with addiction. I lived in fear of one day finding him dead, ending his pain and assuring my own for a lifetime. But… Today is different. He will always be challenged. He will always have to be on guard. He knows and acknowledges the enemy everyday. BUT he used tools and developed relationships in his stay at Desert Cove that he could not find before. Confidence started growing in him that he Could take responsibility for himself… that he Could control outcomes. Today he knows that when he needs help he can find it; when temptations seem overwhelming there is always a way through the storm. Today I consider the signs and symptoms of my own weakness and value the support groups that offer help to Me.

At Desert Cove he was surrounded by people who knew their business…people who genuinely care for those who are lost and without hope. You cannot buy real caring. BUT it was there. I hope they all know what a difference they have made and continue to make to the lives their program touches.

JoAnn — April 2015

Before Desert Cove I had nothing in my life. While all of the materials were still there, the family, the home to sleep in, and the job… the rest of me was completely broken. I no longer cared about if I lived or not, and I truly believed that there was nothing that would help me get past my many years of drug abuse and my addiction to heroin.

In May of 2013, I woke up to an intervention being held by my family. Although I didn’t want to stop doing heroin, my options were be homeless or go to Desert Cove Recovery. It was across the country from my home town in New York, but I got on the plane, shaking, scared, and with no soul left.

Desert Cove has given me a life that I could have never imagined. The time that was spent there was both informative, and also made me realize I was not alone in my addiction. Thanks to Desert Cove and its amazing and caring staff, I proudly have close to 2 years sober. I hold an amazing job, pay my bills on time, and am excited to wake up every morning because of everything my life has become. I am so grateful for Desert Cove Recovery, and for the second chance I have been given to live a fulfilling, drug free life. I can not say thank you enough to express my gratitude for this rehab center!

Katie — March 2015

Our son is 23 years old and has been an alcoholic/ marijuana addict for 5+ years. A year and a half ago we started pressing him to get help. Finally he agreed to rehab, asking that we help him find a good program.

There are so many rehab programs available that we found it difficult to select one. Initial visits and phone calls to various facilities yielded a definite degree of frustration. When we contacted Desert Cove Recovery the conversations were straight forward and the talk centered around our specific concerns. They did not badger us or make doomsday predictions if we didn’t choose their program. They were extremely courteous, professional and willing to educate us regarding addiction issues. We felt supported (not pressured) by them during the difficult and overwhelming process of selecting a program.

Some of the elements that proved beneficial to our son include: Ninety days minimum, daily AA meetings, trauma counseling, living in a residence atmosphere, shopping for food and cooking his own meals, physical outlets like going to the gym. One of the biggest factors turned out to be Desert Cove matching our son with the right counselor for his needs/personality. This counselor was also our main source of contact when we needed updates, reassurance, and information. He was always available to us and very good about returning calls. He was also very direct and brutally honest when needed.

Desert Cove is not a magic program nor is it perfect, there is no such place. But we give it our highest recommendation. Our son is ultimately responsible for his continued sobriety and Desert Cove Recovery provided him with that chance.

Thank you Desert Cove Recovery!!!!

Parents from Utah — July 2014

Coming to Desert Cove I was a lost soul. I was drug addicted, delusional, with nothing left to live for. Desert Cove opened my mind to a new way of living without drugs. They gave me suggestions to a new way of life, filled with hope. I learned that I don’t have to survive anymore, that I can live if I choose to, a life that no longer involves killing myself while destroying everyone’s life around me. It isn’t easy getting sober, and anyone can run and get high, but it takes serious effort to stay sober. Thanks to Desert Cove and the 12 steps of AA, I have a new design for living life. I owe my life to Desert Cove and the wonderful staff who devote their lives to helping others. I am forever grateful for my time at Desert Cove. I truly believe that without Desert Cove, I would be dead today.

Chris — July 2014

I just wanted to thank you and Desert Cove for all that you have done for me. I came into Desert Cove in May 2013, I was completely broken. I had been abusing drugs and alcohol for years and I really just wanted to die. Desert Cove gave me my life back. I never thought I could be this happy clean and sober. The entire staff there helped me, not only the therapists but the house managers as well. I think it helped a lot that they were all addicts themselves and we got to hear their stories and how their own lives have changed. The staff reminded me every day that they cared about me and wanted me to be happy. Even when I graduated from your program, the aftercare that I received was amazing. I recently recommended your facility to a friend back in New York who is suffering. I have complete faith that he will get his life back after attending your facility. I have almost 15 months now so thank you again, I’m living a happy and productive life now, and I have finally given my family some peace!

Lori — July 2014

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