Extended Care Addiction Treatment

The Desert Cove Extended Care Treatment Program

Since not every addiction is the same, why should every addiction care program be the same? Sometimes, a long-term stay is recommended. This will be determined by you, your progress, and the recommendations of your clinical team. The type of extended care is also unique. For example, some may need or want additional help to focus on individual physical health and body issues, while continuing to participate in group therapies. Others may simply feel “not ready” to reenter their previous lives and would like to stay in the program longer to receive that additional support the Desert Cove Recovery Center provides.

What to expect in Extended Care:

  • Individual Therapy Sessions: As you strive to understand fully and incorporate the treatments you have been taught in your extended care stay, you will be provided the opportunity to meet with your therapist for individual sessions. This time is imperative for individual growth and will help you fully embrace the new you.
  • Small Group Therapy Sessions: By continuing your group therapy sessions, you will be participating in a gender specific small group along with groups involving the whole community. This continuum of care offers you a familiar group treatment program to practice and share the work you have already done.
  • Relapse Prevention: Beyond individual and group therapy, your extended care program will provide you with a specialized course that specifically focuses on relapse prevention. During your relapse care and prevention program, you will learn to make a connection to your spirituality by applying the 12-step principles in all aspects of the life you will be returning to.
  • Transition Process: As you prepare to leave extended care, you will meet with one of our aftercare therapists to help coordinate life after Desert Cove Recovery Center, including Desert Cove After -Care and sober living options.

Long Term Addiction Recovery

Overcoming addiction isn’t easy. There isn’t a magical program that can guarantee success. Your long-term recovery is dependent on your willingness and commitment to success. These principals and tools will be given to you during your extended care stay with us. If you would like to learn more about our addiction treatment programs, please contact us today.

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