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Millions of people struggle daily with alcohol and drug addiction. If left unchecked, that addiction will eventually destroy everything you have spent a lifetime building. Generally, that destruction comes sooner rather than later.

One of the first steps in overcoming addiction is understanding the nature of the problem. Numerous studies have all concluded the same thing: 50 percent of addiction is a genetic issue, and 50 percent is related to poor coping skills, at least in most cases. Unless your recovery approach deals with both aspects of the problem, it will almost surely fail.

The Intensive Outpatient Program at Desert Cove Recovery is specifically designed to deal with both ends of your addiction issue. Our trained medical staff cannot eliminate the “addiction gene.” But we can significantly reduce your cravings. More importantly, our counselors help you replace destructive habits with healthy ones. Such replacement is usually a key to long-term recovery.

Why Arizona IOP Recovery Works Best

In a few cases, an inpatient program is the best alternative. But in the vast majority of cases, outpatient therapy is more desirable and also more effective.

Most addicts are functioning addicts. They have careers, families, friends, and other connections to the people around them. A sixty or ninety-day inpatient stay may help these individuals detox, but it is incredibly burdensome on others. People count on you to be at certain places at certain times. If you are in an inpatient program, that’s obviously not possible.

In other words, inpatient therapy places the burden of your recovery on the other people who must carry on without you and, in many cases, make excuses as to why you are not there. That’s not a healthy situation for anyone.

Furthermore, all recovering addicts must go home eventually. They usually go back into the same environment that sparked their addiction in the first place. The transition from a cloistered, inpatient environment to the temptations of the real world is too much for most people to deal with. That’s why outpatient therapy normally works best.

At Desert Cove Recovery, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all IOP program. During your initial appointment, our professional counselors will go over all your outpatient options. That includes the pros and cons of each one.

The DCR Difference

Desert Cove Recovery is a dedicated outpatient treatment facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since standard OP and IOP is all we do, we do these things very well.

Our version of the 12-Step program often gets results. This approach has healed millions of addicts over the years. At DCR, we put a unique twist on the traditional approach. In addition to group sessions, addicts also participate in a number of one-on-one sessions with their sponsors. As a result, the sponsor takes a proactive role in your recovery, instead of a reactive one.

The dry and (generally) mild Arizona climate also gives DCR patients other opportunities as well, such as equine recovery, that may not be available elsewhere. Horseback riding significantly reduces stress and other addiction triggers.

At Desert Cove Recovery, we are committed to healing your mind, body, and soul. Contact us today for more information.

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