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The Desert Cove Recovery Center Facilities

Located in the beautiful city of Scottsdale, our drug addiction and alcohol treatment facility is ideal for those looking for an extended care addiction center in Arizona. Whether you are traveling from another state or you are currently reside in Arizona, our location is the perfect setting for our holistic treatment programs – focusing on healing the body, mind and spirit. The clean, dry desert air is said to have a special healing power. Many who travel to Arizona for the first time are surprised to find so much beauty here.

Licensed Treatment in Arizona

Desert Cove Recovery is an extended care treatment center licensed by the State of Arizona Department of Health Licensing. During the admissions intake process, our therapists assess the needs of clients to determine what course and length of addiction treatment is right for them.

Our treatment facility is both exclusive and private, ensuring safety and comfort at all times. We have a limited amount of space, making the programs highly focused on those receiving treatment from us. Clients in treatment will receive individual care from a supportive staff that is always on-site. You or your loved one will be provided with all the amenities needed to ensure comfort, while focusing on the treatment program at all times.

Therapy takes place Monday through Friday. To learn more about the facilities and our programs, or to speak with a therapist, please call us toll free at 833-900-1563.

Why Choose Desert Cove Recovery Center

Whether you are seeking addiction treatment for the first time, or you are struggling with chronic relapse, the Desert Cove programs have proven to have a high rate of successful, long-term recovery.

Studies have shown that a structured treatment program is proven to be the most effective method, particularly for those who have struggled repeatedly to overcome long-term addictions. Our program is based on a specific daily program. By providing a strict schedule, we eliminate the need for planning so the individual can focus on what is important – healing. Our facilities provide clients with a safe but very closely monitored environment that allows them to reconnect with a higher power and focus on the root of the emotional problems.

Those in treatment will follow a daily regimen that incorporates the 12-Step fundamentals, as well as cutting-edge treatment modalities for a unique and effective solution to a serious drug or alcohol dependency.

We believe success starts with an educated staff that understands addiction and has the experience to help guide you through the process of recovery. We offer a completely customized treatment program that is focused on relapse prevention and providing the best opportunity for a life of long-term sobriety.

Learn more about the caring professionals at Desert Cove by visiting our treatment staff page here.

Learn more about Desert Cove by visiting our about us page here.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, don’t wait… help is standing by. Call toll free anytime: (844) 235-2768.

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