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Arizona Addiction Rehab

Falling into addiction is easy, which is why a lot of people become victims of substance abuse. Some people turn to drugs thinking doing so will make them feel better, but unknowingly could become dependent. Alcohol can numb the pain, and people can become addicted to this effect. Addiction goes beyond just the physical aspect however and can develop into something much more difficult to let go of: a psychological dependence.

Sometimes, turning to drugs or drink occasionally, at first, just to calm the nerves and forget problems for a while seems to help. However, over time, anxiety levels shoot up without the presence of either a drug or a bottle of alcohol to help them through a situation, and an already-dependent person can suffer signs of withdrawal, such as mood swings, paranoia, and restlessness.

Dangers of Addiction

How do you know when one’s addiction becomes dangerous? There is a thin line between loving something and being addicted to it, and when you cross that line, it can be difficult to step back. The occasional recreational use of drugs can quickly morph into an addiction, and one drink every now and then can suddenly turn into a drinking problem. Furthermore, the problems caused by these addictions can go beyond yourself, because it affects your family as well and everyone else around you.

Phases of Addiction

The phases of addiction can first start with a person confident that he or she won’t be addicted — something that just happens occasionally. However, this often develops to a regular dependence on the substance, where a person may need to intake the same amount at an interval to get the same buzz, or, if the body becomes used to it and builds up a tolerance, the person may have to add more to his usual intake.

From there, the person becomes more public with the substance abuse, usually just taking it to work, events, or wherever else. It doesn’t matter the situation—all it needs is a hit and some booze.

Control is lost, so when the substance is taken away, everything that an addict tries to chase away with substance abuse comes back—the problems one’s trying to escape or memories that one doesn’t like remembering, and can become volatile, moody, or displays other signs of withdrawal. The drug or the alcohol becomes the focal point in an addict’s life, but remember this: it is never too late for an intervention, especially when you think you or someone else is beyond help.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

The need for rehabilitation should not be a difficult thing to admit. It goes beyond just acknowledging the addiction, and into admitting that you need someone else to help you out of the dark pit. This discomfort with the prospect of treatment is associated with being judged by other people.

DesertCove Recovery Center

Rehab centers do their jobs by removing drug dependence from a person’s system, but how many of them go beyond that? We at DesertCove Recovery not only help people get over an addiction and treat them like the diseased; we provide lots of different ways to help the patient rejoin society and rebuild estranged relationships with family, friends, and loved ones.

Our methods are all covered within these aspects:

  • Physical (nutrition, exercise)
  • Psychological (therapy and life coaching)
  • Emotional (individual and group counseling, volunteering activities)
  • Spiritual

We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a local rehab center with the comfort of locality, or a patient looking to get away from it all and settling somewhere different.

What We Do

We first start with the physical stuff, such as detox, or removing the dependence from the inpatient’s system gradually. Just quitting cold turkey can be dangerous, so we provide a 12-step journey to the healing of each inpatient in our facilities.

We provide quality service, so our facilities are less like prisons for troubled people, and more like homes where help is always offered. Sober living contains different steps of recovery, all of which are embodied, encouraged, and stimulated by our daily activities, such as morning meditations, volunteering activities, monitoring weekly progress, therapy, and life coaching.

The Road to Recovery

These various activities are offered, each in their own way a method to guide the person in finding himself outside the addiction and in rejoining society and fixing damaged relationships. The main reason you should go for our services is that we first interview you to come up with a program that’s tailor-made for you.

  • Holistic Treatment – Everyone recovers differently, each in his or her own way and pace, and that is what we take most our heart. For each different patient (both inpatient and outpatient), a holistic treatment process is in store, which encourages not just an addiction-free life, but a healthy and happy, and fulfilling one, which is what sobriety is about. Drug cravings, for example, are addressed with proper nutrition.
  • Group Counseling – with just the individual and with a group. Group counseling allows the patient and the family to talk about the addiction that’s taken over their home, now with a newfound sense of acceptance and admittance by the patient, instead of denying the addiction and brushing them off. It does not only put the patient in the hot seat, however—the family is also taken into light by explaining how and why the patient resorted to substance abuse. From these meetings, suggestions and strategies are provided to help everyone cope with the arrangements.

We understand how people who can’t admit their substance abuse are often extremely resistant to go to counseling, a rehabilitation center, or a sober living house. Everything begins with admitting that you need help. We are prepared to help you in every step of your journey towards recovery, and make sure that you don’t feel alone because you’ll have connections with others who are in equal need of recovery. We at DesertCove Recovery can promise you a clean, healthy and sober life at the end of your journey, so if you’ve taken the brave step of reading this article, then you’re brave enough to start healing.

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