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Arizona Drug Detox

At DesertCove Recovery, we believe that everyone is capable of greater things even in their darkest hours. We all have problems in life and some people handle them better than others. Unfortunately, there are those who break down and turn to drugs to escape the harsh realities of life. The truth is that these realities are made harsher when you resort to substance abuse. This is what you will realize when you visit our Arizona drug detox facilities and undergo our rehabilitation program.

If you are here because you want your life back, then you are in the right place. Rehabilitation is a major step in regaining control of your life. While hopes of success may appear to be far from reach, we urge you to take our word and believe that it can happen to you and to many others like you. We will help you succeed in your battle against addiction and we will be proud witnesses as you transform into the best version of yourself.

Understanding Drug Abuse

Knowing what substance abuse is, recognizing its symptoms, and understanding its effects are important if you are to truly overcome your drug addiction. Even if it is not you who is suffering from the addiction, these insights will help you extend a helping hand to family or friends who might need you to take their hand and lead them to the right solutions and Arizona drug detox centers.

Here are some basic concepts that you should learn about:

  • Substance abuse and substance dependence – Substance abuse, according to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, is the deliberate use of a drug even if it causes unwanted consequences. These effects may start as being late for meetings and escalate to not being able to pay bills on time and conflicting with your daily activities. The effects of drug use usually do not allow the person experiencing them to do anything else but to wait for them to wear off.

While people might think that substance abuse is terrible, there is something worse. And that is substance dependence. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual defines substance dependence as more severe than substance abuse and usually has behavioral and biological aspects tied to it. Substance abuse may only hamper daily activities, but substance dependence is more serious. A substance-dependent person has his life revolving around that drug.

  • Abstinence syndrome – This is what makes it difficult for people who have developed drug dependence to stop taking the drug. Through continued use, the drug has “connected” with the body’s normal functioning and the body could experience this syndrome when the drug is not taken as usual. This is perhaps one of the most powerful withdrawal symptoms that could challenge even those with strong willpower.

Symptoms usually vary from substance to substance, but they usually include hallucination, profuse sweating, and restlessness. If a drug dependent tries to lock himself out of the substances he is dependent on, all it would do is make him suffer from the effects of withdrawal and farther away from getting over his addiction.

Our Arizona drug detox program at DesertCove Recovery involves a cleansing process where all traces of the substances that the person is dependent on are eliminated. This breaks the “connection” between the body and the drug so the person does not experience the abstinence syndrome. This also helps push the person towards long-term recovery.

  • The Drugs – The Prime Culprits – The most common drugs used by those who develop substance dependence are opioids, barbiturates, amphetamines, and cocaine.
    • Opioids are chemicals derived from poppy seeds. The selling point for opioids is the strong euphoric rush they give. Some of the popular opioids are Heroin and Morphine.
    • Barbiturates, on the other hand, are abused because of their calming They are used to treat anxiety disorders. Along with its calming effect, barbiturates can also create mild euphoric highs.
    • Amphetamines are usually abused for the same reason that opioids are abused – they cause strong euphoric highs although results can be felt at higher dosages. Unlike the first three substances, amphetamines can quickly result in substance dependence in an individual.
    • Cocaine’s selling point is its ability to deaden pain, reduce hunger, and its euphoric effects. Like opioids, it is derived from a plant, more particularly the dried leaves of the Coca plant.

Causes of Substance Abuse

Researchers found that the main causes of substance abuse and dependence are usually environmental factors. Yet, these factors can cover a whole gamut of aspects from family life, to social interactions, and even the person’s own internal battles that arise as he reacts to what’s happening around him. Those who have seen their parents using the substances might be more predisposed to use the same substances in adulthood. Others get into the habit because of peer pressure.

There is also the perception that people use and abuse substances as a coping mechanism. Regardless of the reason for taking drugs, the fact is that they are dangerous and will not likely result in anything good over the long term. Anyone who feels trapped in substance abuse and fears that he might be getting addicted should seek the help of professionals in an Arizona drug detox facility like DesertCove Recovery.

We Will Work With You Today and in the Future

DesertCove Recovery is more than just an Arizona drug detox center where you can get a generic treatment program and then walk away without any guarantees that any results, if at all, will last long enough. Helping you through your recovery process and seeing you discover how you can live your life without ever thinking of turning to drugs is our true passion.

Each member of our team seeks your full recovery and works with you in realizing your full potential. We believe that everyone is destined for great things no matter how hard he falls. Together, we will get up and get moving again so you can finally live a drug-free life.

We approach drug rehabilitation with careful consideration of your future. We ensure that our help would not just last for a few days, weeks, months, or years but a lifetime. With our 12-step recovery program in Arizona drug detox, we focus on developing your life skills as well as your mental and emotional outlook so that you can quickly ease into sober living. When you do succeed, we also collaborate with you so can share your experiences with others and lead them towards the same path.

Our rehabilitation programs are not cut and dried. While the 12-step recovery program is a constant in all our plans, it merely serves as a guide to channel a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviour towards the more positive aspects of life.

Recovery plans are programmed to include those therapies and protocols that will work best with the specific patients that they are prescribed for. DesertCove Recovery works with you and supports the goals that you set for yourself in rehab. Ultimately, you will achieve success in leading a better life without drugs for good.

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