Arizona Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Recovery at a Premiere Treatment Center in Arizona

Arizona Substance Abuse

Modern science, through its introduction of food processing techniques and food supplements, has paved the way for healthier living. But what we fail to see is the danger which usually accompanies this development – the possibility of developing harmful substances. And this is the reason why substance abuse is one of the biggest problems of today.

Substance abuse is a form of behavioral disorder which makes the user feel an obsessive desire to indulge in a certain substance at harmful amounts or through destructive methods. Causes and effects vary from person to person, or from substance to substance, so treatment requires the help of professionals.

Arizona Statistics and Effects

To be more specific, Arizona substance abuse is often associated with alcohol and drugs like cannabis, heroin, and other similar prescription opioids. The state currently ranks as the state with the 12th highest drug mortality rate in America.

Although the state is not in the top 10, this disorder should not be taken lightly. Statistics show that there has been an increase of around 99.4% in arrests related to driving under the influence (DUI) or drugs since the past decade. Also, Arizona substance abuse deaths have increased from 6,100 in 1980 to around 43, 982 in 2013, with the number of incidents increasing each year.

But what’s most disheartening about drug and alcohol addiction is how it affects both the person and the people around him. It causes a person to fail in his career, destroy his relationships, and worst – commit felonies. With all these in mind, you begin to see why it’s important to avail of rehabilitation treatment as soon as possible.

Our Programs

Rehabilitation treatment is one of the most effective ways to help a person suffering from an addiction problem. Through the use of therapeutic techniques, each patient is guided by experts so that he is restored to taking control of his life.

DesertCove Recovery offers just that. We believe that everyone should experience sober living, so we have established various programs to meet all of our clients’ needs. We offer three main programs to combat drug and alcohol abuse: Outpatient Counseling, Individual Counseling, and Group Counseling.

As the name implies, our Outpatient Counseling program best suits those who do not wish to be admitted into our residential facilities. We offer an intensive counseling program aimed at helping our guests to open up about their addictions and discuss its origins. This helps them gain a better understanding of what they are going through, and to determine the possible ways to cope with their desires. This program is perfect for those who do not wish to leave their careers, but are determined to experience a life of sobriety.

Individual counseling is another program that we offer. In this program, each guest is paired with one of our professional therapists to help him overcome his substance abuse problem. Our therapists are there to simply guide him throughout his sobriety journey, but it is the client who is responsible for making major decisions. This not only helps him be in control of his own actions, but it also opens his eyes to the fact that his substance abuse problem is a result of his choices. This program is recommended for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of his condition, and learn how he can actively participate in overcoming it.

And finally, our group counseling program is intended for those who recover better with help from a support group. Sessions are composed of groups of five to six members accompanied by one or more therapists. In this setup, each member may receive feedback and strategies from therapists and fellow members. This helps them gain an understanding of how their addiction affects relationships, and how they can open up about their problem to their loved ones. We believe that this is one of our most cost-effective programs since you are able to attend more sessions compared to individual therapy.

Structured Sober Living

We are passionate towards helping each of our clients to achieve sober living. In order to do so, we believe that it is important to create an environment which is conducive to recovery and success.

At DesertCove Recovery, each of our rooms are designed and decorated to make you feel at home. You are provided with luxury linens and towels to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. You also gain access to a gourmet kitchen, coffee service, and a deluxe outdoor grill. For your recreation, we offer a swimming pool and a Yoga studio. Should you have any more concerns, you can always expect our friendly House Manager to address your needs.

Additionally, we follow a structured program to help each guest fully recover and make sure to stick to his new lifestyle. Among our activities are morning meditations, daily 12 step meetings, weekly progress meetings, random drug screenings, and nightly reviews. We also encourage our guests to set personal goals, engage in individual and group accountability exercises, and get involved in volunteering. We believe that continued social interactions will create the best impact on our recovering clients.

Aside from drug and alcohol abuse, we also offer treatments for co-occurring disorders. We also try to inculcate Yoga exercises and art therapy in our treatment sessions.


Arizona substance abuse is no joke, and neither is treatment a walk in the park. But we must understand that more than just a dependence on harmful substances, addiction is actually a lifestyle disorder. This means that good rehabilitation centers are the ones which offer professional therapy sessions, but the excellent ones are those which also provide an environment suggestive of sobriety.

Additionally, proper diet and nutrition must not be taken for granted. Substance abuse often results from ingesting unhealthy food and drinks, so being educated as to what your food contains is a bonus.

This healthy, caring, and encouraging environment is what we have at DesertCove Recovery. We believe that each of our guests deserves to live their best lives, so that is what we aim to achieve through our programs. Most importantly, we make sure that they don’t revert back to their old ways.

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