Co-occurring/Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Oftentimes, families struggle to find meaningful treatment for a loved one suffering from addiction, as well as a mental disorder. In many cases, a family can only find treatment in the form of a short hospital stay. Desert Cove Recovery clinical treatment teams believe that shorts stays are insufficient for successful treatment. The environment is too impersonal, and patients find themselves back in the hospital over and over again with the same issues.

With this in mind, our clinical staff has developed a program intended to help clients recover fully before re-entering the community. Upon admissions they will be interviewed by admissions specialists who will get to know them, their illness, and medical history. This initial assessment will help us determine if the Desert Cove Recovery programs are right for that person. During the admission and assessment process, mental health issues will be identified and incorporated into their treatment plan.

A Custom Mental Health Treatment Program

Desert Cove Recovery Center focuses on treating chemical dependencies as well as other addictive and mental health disorders. We focus on the specific needs of each individual to develop a custom program that is specifically tailored to that person.

Many mental illnesses have no “cure,” but there is hope through proper treatment. There are no quick fixes, but mental health issues are treatable. Research has shown that with the proper course of treatment, an individual can be taught to address symptoms of their disorder in a healthy way. Similar to chemical addiction treatment, treatment for mental illness involves treating the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Client’s addressing the complex needs of co-occurring disorders will have their needs addressed in their treatment plan. In addition to the primary addiction, those who struggle with additional mental health needs will experience the following:

  • Support Groups: We have found that peer support groups help individuals learn from others who suffer from the same illness and also hear firsthand how others cope with their illness.
  • Carefully Prescribed Medicines: Per the client’s psychiatrists and/or the Desert Cove Medical Director, medications may be recommended to stabilize symptoms.
  • Individual, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Beyond group sessions, we find it important for the client to participate in individual therapy, providing the opportunity to explore emotional needs and to learn new skills for living with the illness.
  • Treatment also includes: Education about diagnosis and symptoms, social skills training, relapse prevention, medication compliance counseling, dealing with legal problems, social skills training and coping skills for managing mood and anxiety.

If you have any questions regarding our mental health treatment program, please contact us anytime.

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