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Arizona Addiction Facility

Living a life with the shackles of drug and alcohol addiction is not an entirely hopeless situation. It is a psychosocial condition that can be treated with the right approach. At DesertCove Recovery, we have confidence that individuals battling with drug and alcohol addiction can recover and live a normal life again.

Characteristics of Addiction

Having one or two drinks once a week or occasionally to celebrate is fine. But, when you start turning to alcohol or drugs every single time you feel down and depressed or when you feel the pressure of the demands of daily life, you are already developing an addiction. Pretty soon, you will be thinking of just about every reason to drink and do drugs. Eventually, you will not be able to control your urges and you just have to give in to them.

There is much stigma that comes from frequently being intoxicated due to alcohol and drug addiction. Those who are suffering from this condition are beset with a host of negative emotions, ranging from heightened anxiety and fear to harmful aggressiveness and violence. Without help, these behavioral effects could lead to a life that lacks direction, motivation, and purpose.

Getting Help from an Arizona Addiction Facility

We can help you in your battle against addiction because we understand you. The creators of DesertCove Recovery have experienced similar effects of drugs and alcohol abuse firsthand. When they broke free of their addiction, they put up an Arizona addiction facility that will embrace others going through the same challenges and show them how they can live a better life that’s free from drug and alcohol addiction.

We know what you are going through. We know that it’s been difficult for you and we will not make it even more difficult. At DesertCove Recovery, we make sure that all your needs are met so that you do not have to yield to negative thoughts and emotions. We have experts who can help you deal with these feelings too when they do present themselves and tempt you to get back to your addiction.

A Holistic Way of Recovery

Your road to freedom from addiction at DesertCove Recovery starts with a clinical evaluation. We offer a holistic way of getting over addiction. Our clinicians and specialists will do an interview with you to get all the pertinent details about your personal circumstances. It is important, to be honest at this point as this will be the basis in drawing up the right recovery plan.

Your personal challenges and needs are factored into the therapies and medications included in your recovery plan. The entire plan does not only focus on the addiction itself but also on the other aspects of your life and well-being. We believe that being healthy in mind, body, and spirit is critical to the rehabilitation and healing of victims of substance abuse.

Among the components of your recovery plan are:

  • Counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Medication and healthcare
  • Yoga
  • Detox
  • Art therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Life skills training
  • Personal development workshops
  • Mentoring and life coaching

We embrace each guest who comes to us for help and ensures that they feel comfortable and secure. This will facilitate their road to healing and recovery. This will direct them to more positive thoughts and will make them more open to the treatments in their recovery plan. We help our guests adjust to sober living and gain stability in their lives. In the end, we want our guests to be able to live normal and fulfilling lives.

Your Treatment, Your Choice

At DesertCove Recovery, your recovery plan will be custom-made for them depending on what the clinicians find during your initial evaluation. No part of the plan will be forced upon you or any guest. Guests have a say in terms of which treatment options to include in their recovery plan. Of course, once an option is chosen, the guests will have to stick to the plan and stay on track.

We put structure in the entire process of rehabilitation through the 12-step program. We guide you from setting your own personal goals to developing skills and gaining an understanding of yourself and to finally starting a purposeful and fulfilling life. We give you the necessary tools to sustain your drive and motivation to stay committed to your goals.

Cleaning Up

Even as your recovery plan is customized to your needs, the basic rehabilitation treatment in this Arizona addiction facility would generally be composed of the following:

  • Medical monitoring – part of your initial clinical evaluation would be a physical and mental health check. This is important especially when withdrawal symptoms are expected. Your health will then be continuously monitored by a medical practitioner in the sober living The necessary recommendations will be made depending on your body’s reaction to your rehab. If detox is safe, the medical practitioner could also recommend it.
  • Regular therapy – you will be required to see a therapist who specializes in alcohol and drug addiction. Do not be afraid of expressing yourself and sharing your thoughts and feelings. Your therapist will help you sort these out so you can react to them in a more positive manner. Only by uncovering these deep-seated emotions can you and your therapist get to the real reason for and motivation behind your addiction to drugs and alcohol.
  • Support groups – some intervention is often necessary to help you realize how important it is to find a solution to your substance abuse. Being with a group of people with similar addictions and who are going through the same things that you are going through would help if you are all working towards the same goal – to free yourselves from your addiction.

DesertCove Recovery combines all the ingredients for an effective rehabilitation program for addicts. What should be evident to you is that you are not alone in your struggle and you do not have to be alone in your journey towards recovery. There are people in this Arizona addiction facility who are willing and able to help you get the professional treatment that you need at an affordable price.

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