Arizona Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Beating that Persistent Drug and Alcohol Addiction with Arizona Drug Treatment

Arizona Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Addiction is something that only the afflicted can change. The decision may be forced by loved ones but the outcome will generally depend on two things: the resolve of the addict and the quality of the rehabilitation program. We, at DesertCove Recovery, offer holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs for anyone who needs them.

Located at scenic Scottsdale, Arizona, DesertCove is powered by a group of diverse yet goal-oriented personnel whose main objectives are the welfare of our patients. Specializing in different approaches to treatment and rehabilitation, our professional staff can handle and devise the most efficient treatment plans for anyone. Our Inpatient treatments utilize yoga and art classes to veer the attention away from drugs and alcohol. The program also helps promote physical and mental wellness.

Holistic Treatment is Proven More Effective

At DesertCove Recovery, we believe that only holistic measures to recovery can truly free a person from his addiction. The secret lies in not only curing the mind or the body alone but in curing both at the same time. We cater our treatment plans based on the individual’s uniqueness. We understand that no two people are ever truly the same, so we treat each case separately and uniquely.

12-Step Process

This alcohol and drug treatment program has been helping clients suffering from
substance abuse. Here are the 12 steps that our clients need to go through:

  • Admission of being powerless over alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Learning and believing that there is a greater power that can help clients in restoring their sanity despite suffering for a long time from addiction.
  • Deciding to turn to one supreme being to take control of their lives as they come to an understanding of God’s power.
  • Process of finding oneself and making a full moral inventory of oneself.
  • Firm admission to God, to themselves, and to the people around them of the mistakes and wrongdoings they have done.
  • Preparing oneself to let God cleanse them and remove the flaws in their character.
  • Humbly asking God to take away their shortcomings.
  • Making a list of names of everyone they have caused harm, and having the willingness to make amends.
  • Going directly to the people (whenever possible) they have hurt to make amends.
  • Continuously making self-inventory and assessment and taking responsibility for wrongdoings.
  • Seeking healing through prayers and meditation.
  • Spiritual awakening.

Other Treatment Programs

  • At DesertCove, we understand the need for family support. Hence, we have Outpatient Programs for clients who cannot leave work or family.
  • Individual counseling is also a part of any addiction treatment. We allow the patient to be the boss. the patient decides which issues they want to talk about. Our licensed counselors are highly trained to handle alcohol and substance-dependent individuals. Our therapists will listen to your stories by heart and without judgment and will help you make sound life decisions. They will also guide you to a better and clearer understanding of your life. Together with our therapists, you will rediscover life and what makes life meaningful and beautiful outside addiction.
  • We have structured group therapies and counseling. As social animals, we understand the need for societal relationships even amongst drug and alcohol dependent. Through group counseling, we aim to educate substance-dependent individuals that they are not alone in their battle with addiction. Group counseling is also a great venue to reintroduce individuals to the do’s and don’ts of societal relationships. Group counseling also provides a venue for discussion and comparison between similar cases. This way, every patient can learn from one another.

Alongside individual therapy, group therapy is one of the most proven ways to help substance-dependent individuals with their addiction. At DesertCove, we utilize both these treatments and employ them with care to further help our patients towards recovery and rehabilitation.

Support Beyond Treatment

At DesertCove, we not only prioritize in keeping our patients, substance-free. We also aim to help them rediscover their past inclinations and interest before the addiction sets in. We offer not only sober living but also workshops about life skills and personality development.

We understand the struggle substance-dependent individuals go through once they seek treatment. Substance-dependent individuals are often faced with struggles regarding their commitment to change. At our Sober Living program, we aim to provide the necessary support system every substance-dependent individual needs to push through their recovery.

Our In-house program offers mentorship and coaching, self-discovery, accountability, and house rules. We promote volunteering in schools and morning meditations to help our guests through journey.

Best Facilities and Highly-Trained Professionals

To better help our patients, we provide them with the best facilities that they need for recovery. We have a yoga studio, a swimming pool, a deluxe outdoor grill, and a gourmet kitchen. Our professional house manager will guarantee that our patients will stay comfortably and well-adjusted in their spacious and upscale residence. There are nightly reviews, random drug checks and weekly progress monitoring so we can keep track of every individual’s progress efficiently.

Our Sober Living program also offers intensive outpatient programs, addiction health care professionals, naturopathic counseling, individual therapies, and therapeutic referrals whenever needed.

To top it all, we are affiliated with various insurance companies. With just a few clicks on our site, you will know of your insurance provider is affiliated with us.

Help for the Drug and Alcohol Dependent

Our priority is to help substance-dependent individuals’ change their ways effectively. Our Arizona-based drug and alcohol treatment programs cater to different individuals uniquely. We strive to provide quality and holistic rehabilitation treatments all over Arizona and across the state. We believed that everyone has the capacity to change. And given the right materials and environment, the proper guidelines, and knowledgeable coaching and mentorship, anyone can free themselves from the shackles of alcohol and substance addiction.

Addiction cannot be beaten unless substance-dependent individuals step out of their comfort zones. Their addiction has become their comfort zones and it is time to stop now. At DesertCove, we aim to make you better.

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