Arizona Sober Living

The Quest for Sobriety at an Arizona Sober Living Facility

Arizona Sober Living

The challenge for a lot of people who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol is often the difficulty to find the motivation and drive to quit. They fail to see any reason for them to resist the call of their addiction. This is the reason why they need to seek help. Arizona sober living is possible with addiction centers like DesertCove Recovery.

Our facilities support the successful recovery of our patients. We recognize that each patient is unique and could require a different treatment plan. After the initial evaluation, each activity is designed to fit the patient’s own specific needs. This is a more effective approach to rehabilitation. It results in a plan that’s acceptable to the patient and thus brings sustainable results.

Feeling at Home in Arizona Sober Living Houses

Not all patients open up instantly and pour their hearts out during the initial meeting with the clinician. For some, it takes some time before they can divulge their innermost thoughts and feelings – the same thoughts and feelings that led them to the path of addiction in the first place. DesertCove Recovery offers people in need of inpatient treatment to Arizona sober living houses that welcome these people as guests.

Sober living houses or SLHs are drug and alcohol free living spaces for people who are attempting to wean themselves from drugs and alcohol. In these SLHs a non-judgemental atmosphere allows patients to be kinder to themselves and to take on a more positive mindset. They follow step-by-step programs and methodologies all designed to lead them to complete recovery.

Sober living houses offer the same welcoming and comfortable ambiance for their guests as exclusive hotels or resorts. The difference is in the reason why their guests opt to stay there and the rules that their guests have to follow. For one, guests in these addiction centers are supervised by trained and experienced experts during their stay. Other restrictions may be imposed but always as part of the guest’s recovery plan.

Guests in the Arizona sober living houses like DesertCove Recovery are assured that they will be treated with the care and attention that they need during their stay. In these inpatient facilities, they can expect:

  • That they will be treated with respect and their needs will be acknowledged;
  • That they will have a number of experts that they can consult with or seek counsel from;
  • That they will be given a customized recovery plan that is more attuned to their own condition; and
  • That the services they will get will be affordable.

Every sober living house is different. There are some that specialize in helping young adults recover from their addiction, while others cater to adults only. There are those that offer gender-separated residences and facilities. There are also those that take into consideration the severity of the addiction and the cause of the addiction. In such cases, the consideration is usually the behavior of the person suffering from addiction. Those who have the tendency to be aggressive or violent might not be integrated with the rest of the guests right away – at least not in the initial stages of treatment.

Why Seek a Sober Living Space

People with moderate to severe addiction tend to be situated in toxic and highly stressful environments. This is often the barrier that prevents them from crossing over to being sober. Drugs and alcohol are the usual go-to solutions every time they want to escape from their toxic world. When they try to quit, they do so only for a while and then slip back when they feel the same need to escape again. For as long as they are in the same environment, they will find themselves in the same endless cycle.

According to studies, the relapse rate for people who wish to recover from substance abuse is quite high despite having a good support system. This mostly happens to individuals who complete their drug or alcohol addiction treatment and then go back to the same environment that caused them to have such an addiction in the first place. Sober living houses take these people away from such an environment until such time as they achieve a level of sobriety that will keep them from slipping back to their old ways.

These homes teach them to deal with the root cause of their addiction. During their stay in these homes, they go through counselling and therapy so they can find themselves again and realize the meaning and purpose of their lives. It makes them want to go back to their lives before addiction ruined it for them. It also gives them power and motivation to face life’s challenges without having to go back to quick fixes like drugs and alcohol. Sober living houses give individuals reason to believe in themselves that they could face the world again and handle it better and differently than what they did before.

Arizona sober living spaces are useful for individuals who have psychological or medical health problems as well as those who have problems quitting substance abuse and drug or alcohol addiction on their own. These homes are also perfect for people who have undergone rehab once or several times and for people who do not have a proper support system in their living environment. Sober living homes are also great for people who want a more personal approach as compared to going in for clinical counseling treatments.

Choosing the Best Sober Living Space

Here at DesertCove Recovery, we recognize that each person has unique needs and preferences as well as in their ability to recover. Part of our clinical evaluation is to look well into the kind of progress a person is capable of. This information is important in determining what course of action to take. If the best way to lead a person to recovery is through inpatient care, we offer him the best Arizona sober living facilities and programs whether in-house or through our network of partners. We have a number of trusted inpatient services providers in our network who can work together in giving the most effective treatment for you.

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