FAVOR Advocates for Peer Recovery Support Services

favorhealthcareissueThe Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) is a substance abuse and mental health patient advocacy group. One of the big projects it works on each year is coordinating National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month media and events each September, but it also does many more things year-round.

The organization recently released a briefing advocating for the importance of peer recovery support services that also indicated their importance in the pending Affordable Care Act commencement at the beginning of next year.

The stated primary objective of peer work is to help others initiate and achieve long-term recovery from addiction and to enhance quality of life, health, and wellness.

Among other things in the Health Care Issue were bullet points about the differentiation between professional treatment for substance abuse and the role of peer support, which is not to be confused with 12 step groups.

Peer support in recovery can come in many different forms and are now viewed as vital components in the continuum of care following addiction treatment.

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About Blake Nichols

Blake Nichols is the Director of Operations at Desert Cove Recovery. Blake battled his own addiction to drugs and alcohol and was given the gift of recovery at the age of 23. Since 2008, Blake has dedicated his life and career to the field of addiction. He has experience in all aspects of addiction treatment including direct care, admissions, marketing, and administration.
Blake feels that the greatest reward of working in the recovery field is being part of the transformation that a person goes through from the time they arrive and begin treatment, through the hard work and the Miracle of recovery, and ultimately the change into a confident and capable person ready to carry the message of recovery.
"My career has focused on serving others. I have accepted ownership of my responsibilities as that is the key to working at the highest level of professionalism. I have worked to be positive and offer solution-based suggestions in my work and personal life."