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Gilbert Addiction Treatment

If you’re looking for rehab treatment available to residents of Gilbert, Arizona, then is here to help.

We specialize in a range of addiction treatment options and offers a highly sensitive, professional, discreet and effective service for all of its customers.

When you visit our rehab center, we think you’ll be blown away by the stunning surroundings, by the friendly professionalism of our staff and by the calming atmosphere. Our aim is to help you feel at ease as soon as you walk in through the door.

However, the treatment itself is what is most important. That’s why is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services that have helped countless patients to enjoy a full and permanent road to sobriety.

Our Treatment Options

Detox Referral

Our treatment begins with an assessment to discover if you might benefit from a detox referral. Detox referrals look at the chemical and physical side of addiction: the changes in the brain that can make it incredibly difficult to remove yourself from the substance in question.

A chemical detox will help to ease a patient off of the substance that they are addicted to, while helping the transition with small amounts of assisting chemicals. This can help conquer withdrawal symptoms and dependence so that you can begin to consider the psychological and social aspects of your addiction.

Outdoor Treatment

Outdoor treatment involves spending time outdoors as the name might rather suggest. This means you’ll be engaging in a range of team building and leadership-based tasks. These tasks can be highly rewarding and provide a sense of deeper meaning, of success and of progress. Moreover, you’ll be spending time reconnecting with nature and enjoying its restorative qualities, while being guided by our experts.

The ultimate result is that outdoor treatment can provide just the break from normality and just the ‘soul food’ you need to overcome addiction.

The 12 Step Process

We combine strategies both new and old into a single cohesive treatment at addresses every aspect of an individual’s addiction. This includes the 12-step process, an old favorite among many healthcare professionals that has proven to be effective and useful time and again.

The 12 step process starts with accepting the extent of the problem and then turning to others – and a higher power – for help. This breaking down and rebuilding can help many people to overcome conditions that they have been struggling with for years and for that reason, it is something we are very proud to offer our visitors.

Holistic Care

While we offer a range of different options for our treatment, our care is ultimately holistic and these different treatments should be taken as a whole rather than as individual pieces. Multiple different aspects can contribute to an addiction, from mental health problems, to social pressures and more. Our variety of treatments aims to give the patient strength in every aspect of their life so that they leave feeling healthier and ready for any challenge that awaits them.

Ongoing Treatment

Another way we’re different at, is in our commitment to ongoing care after the patient has left. We don’t believe in washing our hands of a client as soon as they exit the premises and that’s why we let them choose the types of ongoing care and support they need. This has proven instrumental in preventing relapse and it’s one of the things that we’re proudest of.

The ongoing treatment options include:

Individual Therapy Sessions

One to one therapy is the preference for many people. This way, we can discuss your concerns and feelings, look at the individual nature of your condition and help talk you through any challenges and issues you might be facing. This continued emotional support can mean the difference between success and failure in your recovery.

Small Group Therapy Sessions

For others, the best approach will be a group approach. We offer group therapy sessions which include small discussion groups where you can find like minded individuals going through the same thing. The sense of community and support that this offers can be instrumental in your recovery and as you build lasting friendships and relationships, there is no reason to end the care until you’re ready. We’re all in this together.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is precisely what it sounds like – a treatment designed to prevent relapse and to help provide the individual with support and advice when they need it most. We believe that this is one of the biggest reasons we see such high rates of recovery.

Transition Process

Finally, the transition process treatment helps our patients to return to their regular environment and lifestyles. We ease this process to avoid common roadblocks and problems and many people say that this helps to get them off on the right foot as they return to their daily lives.

Get in Touch Today

We think you’ll absolutely love our treatment center and our friendly and professional staff. Moreover, we truly believe that we can help you to make a full and speedy recovery. If you’d like to learn more about any of our treatments or discuss your options in greater detail, then just get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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