Tucson Addiction Treatment

Integrated, Holistic Approach to Achieving Sobriety at our Tucson Treatment Center

Tucson Addiction Treatment

DesertCoveRecovery.com is offering affordable, sensitive, effective and private treatment for those affected with addiction living in the local area.

Addiction is a disease and like any disease it is critical that you get the best possible treatment quickly before the condition gets any worse. DesertCoveRecovery.com can offer that and extends a friendly and supportive hand to those in need.

About Us

Beautiful grounds, a peaceful environment and supportive, professional staff  is what you can expect when you visit our center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our approach is designed to be holistic and comprehensive. That is to say that we consider every factor that may be contributing to an addiction and address each  of these separately.

For instance, did you know that in a vast number of addiction cases, there is a co-occurrence of mental illness. This means  that if you are struggling with addiction, you might also be struggling with depression, anxiety or a personality disorder. This could be the result of the addiction, or it could be what caused you to turn to substance abuse as a way to cope.

Whatever the case, addressing the chemical addiction without also considering the psychological, social and spiritual aspects is a recipe for relapse. That’s why we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug dependency
  • Co-occurring disorders

Our Treatments

At DesertCoveRecovery.com, we believe that everyone is an individual and that every case should be considered on a customized, individual basis.

What’s important to us is to treat the emotional, psychological, lifestyle and spiritual factors as well as the physical. However, the first thing we will often need to do is to look into the physical aspect so that we can address any chemical dependence. We assess all our patients and decide if they require a chemical detox. If it is deemed necessary, then they are referred to one of our trusted partners.

We then use a combination of therapy approaches. We offer small group therapy, to provide open discussion and community support. We utilize approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness to help you spot and treat destructive thoughts and behaviors and we might suggest other methods depending on each case.

We also employ the 12-step process. This is a tried and tested framework for treating addiction that has worked for a large number of patients in the past. Outdoor therapy may also be used to help you reconnect with nature, learn new skills and escape from the triggers and unhealthy environmental factors that might have initially led to your addiction.

Among other things our addiction treatment options include:

  • Group therapy
  • Outdoor therapy
  • The 12 step program
  • Mindfulness and CBT
  • Detox referrals

Customized, Holistic and Ongoing

These are all hallmarks of our approach and things we believe in strongly. This is why we offer our inpatients extended care once they have left our premises. This allows them to choose from several of our services and enjoy continued support as they find their way back into the ‘real world’ outside our doors.

It’s this holistic and personalized approach that we believe truly makes all the difference. We care about each and every one of the people that come through our doors and we go on the journey to sobriety with them. This improves their chances of recovery in the short term and prevents relapse much further down the road.

At the same time though, all of our treatment strategies are backed by science and have been proven effective. We have countless happy testimonies from our guests and at the bottom line, our focus is still on finding what works and what works quickly. Of course, the caveat is that this can vary from person to person and this is factored into our approach.

If you don’t see the kind of treatment you need, simply get in touch with us. We are more than happy to adapt our services to meet your specific case and requirements.

Come and Say Hi

Once you step through our doors, we are confident that you will find yourself instantly at ease thanks to our relaxed, calm and professional atmosphere. All our staff are highly trained and experienced and our premises have been designed to be safe, comforting and discrete.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful, which is a must for our outdoor therapy sessions, while the individual therapy rooms are cozy and welcoming.

For those based in Tucson, our center is a short trip away. We believe that this is actually a benefit to you.  Visiting us in Tucson means escaping your usual environment, getting away from social pressures and finding somewhere private and secluded to recover. You can rest assured that the treatment will be private and discreet and you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the treatment.

Pick Up the Phone Today

If you’re interested in beginning your journey with us, then why not pick up the phone and get in touch. We will happily provide a free, no-obligation consultation to help understand the nature of your condition.

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