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Alcohol addiction is a serious condition and one that requires assistance. There are several methods that can be used to treat alcohol addiction. A patient can find the type of treatment that works best for him or her. The main consideration is to choose the type of care that will help the patient overcome the addiction and get onto the path of recovery at an alcohol treatment center in Arizona. Sometimes detox is needed before a patient can begin treatment. This should be completed at a recommended facility.

12-Step Program

The 12-step program has been used successfully for years in the treatment of addictions. At Desert Cove we combine the 12-step program with a holistic approach to provide the best possible treatment for each individual. The program teaches participants the basic life skills in areas of patience, kindness, peace, love, acceptance, open-mindedness, kindness and a willingness to change. You can use these skills long after treatment to help achieve a happy and fulfilling life. Contact our Scottsdale alcohol rehab to learn more.

You won’t go through the 12-step program alone. An experienced and compassionate sponsor will be by your side to help you through any steps that are difficult to achieve. The first step is to admit that your addiction has control of you. Admit your mistake and move forward to accept the help that is needed at this difficult period in your life.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment is a plan that takes your specific needs into consideration. Each person is different and requires different help in overcoming alcohol dependency. The first step is to identify the client’s needs and then develop a treatment plan that is carried out in a safe and nurturing environment at an alcohol treatment center in Arizona.

Holistic treatment puts you in a serene place where you can properly address your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The three-part approach helps ensure that all areas of your life are reviewed so treatment will be successful. There are no distractions or outside interferences that will keep you from concentrating on your recovery. The body, mind and spirit are all nurtured during this important time.

Extended Care in Scottsdale Rehab

Extended care programs are available for those who require extensive treatment. Treatments include regular individual and small group therapy sessions and a relapse program that prevents you from backsliding. Care is provided by experienced professionals who have the skills to work with individuals with varying needs. As you work through the program you will be able to apply the 12-step principles to your life.

Alcohol addiction treatment and recovery is a long and difficult process. You can overcome your addiction and lead a satisfying and productive life without alcohol. When you have a problem with alcohol you can’t overcome it by yourself. You need assistance from specialists at an alcohol treatment center in Arizona who have the expertise to help you through even the most difficult days. You will soon be able to see things more clearly as you progress towards your goal.

Contact the experienced team at Desert Cove Recovery Center to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment.

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