Arizona Drug Treatment

An addiction to drugs can be a very difficult problem to treat and you likely can’t do it on your own. There are various methods that can be utilized to assist with Arizona drug treatment. First, you may need to go through detox. If so, you can participate in detox at one of our partner locations. Next, we will talk to you and evaluate your needs. Everyone has a different level of need and we work to ensure that every client gets the best possible care for your requirements.

Inpatient Treatment

One of the solutions offered is inpatient Arizona drug treatment. As a patient you will live at our facility while you go through a treatment program. Inpatient treatment is generally the most successful of all options. It allows the client to become fully immersed in the program without any outside distractions. You will be supervised throughout the process including the provision of medical care when needed. This can be necessary for patients who have severe addictions and may suffer from recurring health problems as a result. Reach out to our treatment center Arizona to learn more about rehab.

Long-term treatment plans generally range from 6 to 12 months. The specific length of time varies depending on your addiction. Those who require detoxification may need a longer period of time for recovery. Each program is designed around the individual so that the care gives the best possible chance of recovery.

Rebuilding Lives

Arizona drug treatment plans provide a method for rebuilding your life. The plan focuses on socialization and helps patients become more aware of their emotions. Individual and group therapy sessions are an essential part of the program. They allow individuals to gain insight into the reasons behind their addictions so they are better able to control their behaviors in the future.

The program teaches people the life skills they need as they move forward in the next chapter of their lives. They learn how to become productive citizens and create a life that does not include reliance on drugs. There are also specialized treatment center AZ programs to handle the special needs of women, children and older individuals.

Structured Sober Living

Structured sober living is a bridge between inpatient treatment and living on your own. The program is ideal for those who are most comfortable with a gradual return to their life in the outside world. Those in sober living arrangements live in a home with other individuals who are going through a similar situation. There is monitoring to ensure that everyone is making satisfactory progress on their road to rebuilding their lives. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their lives and their drug abuse habits so they can more fully understand how their behaviors negatively impacted their lives.

After a period of successful sober living, a client is ready and prepared for life outside the program, without addiction. They have learned the tools needed to maintain a healthy and drug-free lifestyle as they go forward to start a new chapter of their lives. Contact Desert Cove Recovery to learn more about our Arizona drug treatment options.

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