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Outpatient Counseling at its finest

We believe in the value of time and effort. When the patient loses that to drugs, our Arizona drug rehab facility has the resources to restore lost hope for the patient. Anyone with a current or recurring drug problem will have a certified therapist to help them battle their addiction.

The therapist’s role is simple: be there for the patient. Each person has an addiction trigger, or multiple, that will be identified by the therapist. Once these are discovered, it will be treated and reduced using the person’s interests. These are triggers that can be easily identified, unlike the trigger which requires a bit of digging from both parties.  

Outpatient counseling is perfect for people with busy schedules. It won’t enroll patients into rehab, especially if self-care is still possible. However, it is only possible if the patient has no history of mental illness and has a strong support system back home. It adds another structure of people who can listen and help figure out why the person can’t break the habit.

Individual Counseling and its rewards

Unlike outpatient counseling, the patient will be enrolled in drug rehab. There will be counseling, activities to keep the mind out of drugs, and education. There will be listening involved from both parties. The expert will give the patient suggestions, while the patient provides reasons and personal resolutions to the therapist. It is a cycle of give and take that makes individual counseling such an outstanding primer for people who sought for help.

The best part about individual counseling is the focused learning sessions. Each patient will only be given one therapist to work with per meeting. No one else can hear the problems of the patient but the therapist. Nothing else stands in the way of opening themselves up because it becomes a more private conversation.

Unlike group counseling, individual counseling will not make the patient conscious of what to say. The first has a team of therapists working together, but others don’t like the idea of having many people providing feedback. It makes sharing more difficult since there are more channels of information to pass through.

Best foot forward with Group Counseling

No man is an island. We believe society is an archipelago and every person is near each other, ready to assist with whatever. With our Group Counseling program, the Arizona drug rehab program provides help in a classroom setting.

A therapist starts the session by giving a topic as everyone’s focal point. This will get the ball rolling for others to pitch in response to the topic. Multiple similar ideas will interconnect with each other and affirm the members. But if these clash with each other, at least there will be a mediator in the group.

The greatest part about group therapy sessions is the result. Topics do not just revolve and end with one person, for multiple voices will be heard, each with unique attacks to the topic at hand. It is like listening to a panel of judges giving out criticisms on a personal and professional level. The result will always be different because ideas will always circulate and be modified according to the members’ experiences.

There’s more to Structured Sober Living for the patients

Addiction can be overcome with immense investment in time and discipline. To help with time and discipline, we give the following for our patients.

  • Morning meditation
  • Daily responsibilities
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Daily 12-Step Meetings
  • Professional House Manager
  • Individual and group accountability
  • School, work, or volunteering
  • Weekly progress meeting
  • Random drug screening
  • Nightly review of the day

It’s not enough to be a facility that treats the sober. We provide the services above to help maintain the patient’s distance from drug addiction. It has amenities to make life comfortable within our walls, too, to prevent our patients from stopping being clean.

We are our patients’ partner in personal empowerment. That is also made possible by our facility’s physical location. It is difficult to step back when patients are provided physical and emotional care.

Lastly, our program provides structured sober living because it has a 12-step program that is tailor-made for the patient. These, in conjunction with workshops, make rehab comfortable and changes the way people look at programs like ours.

What DesertCove Recovery stands for and why

The main objective of the four programs is curbing the addiction of the brain, mind, and body. It is preoccupied in unlocking the full potential of its clients through therapy. This includes distracting the patients and listening to drug origin stories. These interject resolutions into the life of both patient and therapist, hoping to find out something that will make the patient turn away from the past for a better future.

It’s incredible how listening can change the course of a person’s life. How a person can change once given enough motivation. How a certain vice can be destroyed in a matter of sessions, even though it was difficult for the patient to say no.

What’s more – this Arizona drug rehab facility has two interesting freebies. One can get free addiction assessment and have free online insurance verifiication to know if it is legit or not. This is perfect for people in Arizona because rehabilitation is easier when the source of help is nearby.

These freebies may not be enough to convince people, but it’s ample enough for those who want to explore the inner self and find solutions to problems that have made life miserable. Most of all, it’s free so it’s not hard to try and see how it goes.

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