10 Signs That Suggest Its Time To Seek Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

10 Signs That Suggest It’s Time To Seek Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

10 Signs That Suggest It’s Time To Seek Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably suspect that your drinking interferes with your life. Sometimes the signs are glaring, but often they’re more subtle. Review these warning signs that suggest you may need to seek expert help for a problem with alcohol. Desert Cove Recovery, alcohol rehab in Arizona, can help.

1) You’re Drinking More Often or Drinking Larger Quantities

Are you permitting yourself to “wind down with a drink” more often because of work or environmental stress? Or are you taking the opportunity to top off your glass of wine when it’s getting a little low? When you start to create opportunities to drink or make excuses for why it’s okay not to limit yourself, you may be in denial about a problem with alcohol.

2) You’re Losing Your “Hangover.”

If, after a night of heavy drinking, you wake up without the headache, lightheadedness, or other unpleasant symptoms typically associated with a hangover, that’s not necessarily something to celebrate. When your body starts to tolerate alcohol’s effects, it won’t respond the same way it did when your system was less familiar with it. The fact that you’re building a tolerance to alcohol is a concern.

3) You Drink at Inappropriate Times

It may be as obvious as filling a coffee cup with vodka in the morning, or it could be more subtle – rewarding yourself after that too-long Zoom call or making a habit of drinking while you prepare dinner. And if you start to question the legitimacy of “appropriate” times to drink, you’re likely just making excuses for yourself.

4) If Alcohol isn’t Available, You Don’t Want to Participate

Let’s say your friends have planned an outing to visit a popular art exhibit or they invite you to go hiking. Now, you could tell yourself that you are interested, but if you decline the invitation because there won’t be any drinking involved, that should give you some pause.

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5) Your Friendships are Changing

If you’re only looking for relationships that provide an opportunity to drink, you may choose to spend time with these people because they either won’t blink an eye at your drinking habits, or they won’t push back. If everyone else is drinking, that means you don’t have a problem, right?

6) You’re Avoiding Trusted Friends and Loved Ones

You keep declining your friends’ invitations, and eventually, they stop extending them. Your family is trying to get together with you, but you’re never available. Perhaps you’re afraid that they’ll confront you about what they’ve noticed is a problem, and you’re either in denial or not ready to face reality.

7) You’re Hiding Your Drinking

When you begin to hide bottles in your home or are embarrassed by the contents of your recycle bin, it may be you’re finally starting to see you have a problem. You’re likely ashamed of your drinking habits and you may even begin to try to bury the evidence.

8) You Need Alcohol to Function

It may have started as a way to reward yourself or self-medicate after a stressful day, but if you’re self-medicating daily and abstaining makes you feel anxious, and out of control, that’s a sign you may be addicted to alcohol.

9) You Fel Depressed

You might have started to drink more because you were feeling sad. But the irony is that excessive drinking can affect your brain in a way that can lead to depression. [1]

10) Your Drinking is Causing Professional Issues or Problems with the Law

When your drinking has taken over your life in a way that causes you to lose your job or have a run-in with law enforcement, those are clear signs that you need to seek help.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Seek Treatment in Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

You don’t have to hit rock bottom before seeking treatment for alcohol addiction in alcohol rehab in Arizona. Any of the ten warning signs should alert you to the possibility that you need help, and the sooner you recognize it, the better.

At Desert Cove Recovery, we find customized solutions for those who want to live a sober life, and our outpatient addiction services will provide the tools you’ll need to live joyfully without the need for alcohol. Our caring and supportive staff will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable, beginning with the first phone call. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your life back.



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