E-Cigarette Users May be Unknowingly Ingesting Alcohol

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E-cigaretteE-cigarettes have become popular, replacing cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. e-cigarettes are billed as a healthier way for users to ingest nicotine without the dangerous carcinogens. However, a new study conducted by researchers at Yale University shows that some liquid vapors used in e-cigarettes actually contain alcohol.

This discovery reveals that e-cigarettes may not be as healthy as some users consider. Levels of alcohol within the vapor cartridges can cause users to experience delayed reactions, test positive for alcohol in their system, and for those that have struggled with alcohol in the past, they could reignite cravings for more alcohol.

Researchers tested a variety of different vapors used in e-cigarettes and found low amounts of alcohol in some of them, but one brand had an overwhelming amount of alcohol. About 33% of the vapers tested contained no alcohol, and 40% of the vapers had 0.75 percent or less. However, a company that produces vapers for c-cigarettes called Virgin Vapor was found to be selling a product called Organic French Vanilla that contained 23.5% alcohol.

Another concern about the presence of alcohol is that there has been a surge of e-cigarette use among young people. Teenagers who use vapes, and parents who allow them to do this, are likely unaware that they are ingesting alcohol. While the use of e-cigarettes among this age group is not recommended, most people do not consider alcohol content when determining if they are going to use this type of cigarette replacement. Experts warn that with more teenagers being exposed to e-cigarettes, the chances they are ingesting alcohol is increasingly high.

“About 69% of middle and high school students were exposed to e-cigarette advertisements in retail stores, on the internet, in magazines/newspapers, or on TV/movies. Exposure to e-cigarette advertisements may be contributing to increases in e-cigarette use among youth,” explained the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In addition to the potential for unintentional ingestion of alcohol, there is still ongoing concern regarding the health implications of other chemicals found in various vapors used in these devices.

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