Holistic Treatment Center Options - Addiction Looks Different for Everyone... So, Should Treatment?

Holistic Treatment Center Options – Addiction Looks Different for Everyone… So, Should Treatment

When someone is battling a drug or alcohol addiction, the factors that lead to their addiction are different, and the addiction itself will vary from person to person. Considering these facts begs the question of whether treatment plans need to be different as well. Those in the addiction treatment field will tell you that each treatment plan should differ. While some people may thrive with therapy sessions alone, others do better when holistic treatments and other types of therapy are part of the plan. As we explore some of these methods, we will look at the different types of addiction treatment services and how a holistic treatment center can help.

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Types of Addiction Treatment Services

There are many different types of treatment services that can be used to help people overcome addiction. Some people may benefit from just one, while others will need a combination of treatments to live a sober life.

These types of treatments include:[1]


Some people require medically supervised detox services to help them battle their addiction. During the process, people stop taking the drugs that lead to their addiction as they learn to live without them. This can often lead to withdrawal symptoms that can be difficult to deal with. This is why having medical supervision is helpful.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is often used to help people talk about their addictions and what may have led up to them. Oftentimes, it helps to have an unbiased third party there to listen and give advice.

Group Therapy

During group therapy sessions, people talk with others who are also battling addiction. It can often help to share stories and feelings with people who are going through the same situations at the same time.

Family Therapy During Rehab

Sometimes family members are brought into therapy sessions if family issues led to addiction. It can help to have a therapist-led discussion to get family members to open up and talk to one another.

Mental Health Treatment

Many times, people are dealing with a mental health conditions and addiction. When there is a dual diagnosis, the mental health condition will be treated simultaneously as the addiction. This can help people to avoid relapses and truly understand both issues they are dealing with.


Some people also benefit from having medication as part of their treatment plan. This will vary from person to person as some medications work better on some people than others. Some medications are used as part of the withdrawal process, while others are used to prevent relapse. A medical provider can advise on whether medication is necessary and which type a patient may benefit from.

It’s important to note that various care options with a tailored treatment program and follow-up care are crucial to success. Follow-up care can include community-based services as well as more family-based services. After finishing their initial program, many people benefit from outpatient therapy and other group sessions.

How a Holistic Treatment Center Can Help with Addiction

While therapy and other treatments have long been used to treat addiction, holistic treatments are gaining more attention as research shows they have proven benefits.[2] Holistic treatments treat the mind, body, and soul.

Some holistic treatments include:


Harvard Medical School researchers found that doing yoga helps with regular stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which can lower stress levels.[2] When people are feeling less stressed, they may not have the urge to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is often used as a holistic treatment with many therapeutic benefits.[2] Research indicates many documented benefits for those in early recoveries, such as motivation, positive behavior change, and providing a healthy outlet to express feelings.

Equine Therapy

Many programs use equine therapy to help people get in touch with their feelings and emotions that substance abuse may have covered. Horses tend to send human emotions better than humans, allowing patients to reconnect with their emotions.[2]

Basics of Effective Addiction Treatment

No matter what type of treatment you choose for your addiction, some factors are universal when it comes to addiction treatment. All plans should consider the following if they want their patients to be successful.[3]

Having these factors as part of any treatment plan can help patients stay on course and avoid future relapses.

Holistic Treatment Center Options at Desert Cove Recovery

Desert Cove Recovery offers various treatment options to suit each person, including holistic treatments. We know that each patient needs their own plan to be successful. Whether it’s through counseling services, holistic treatments, or a combination of the two or other options, we want to see all of our patients succeed and live healthy lives. As a holistic and alcohol treatment center in Arizona, we aim to treat the mind, body, and soul.

Our drug and alcohol treatment plans are diverse and include many options for each patient. Our team helps to develop a tailored plan that provides the best approach to treatment and recovery. Call us or visit us online for more information on our treatment plans.



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