Liquid Meth Conversion Bringing New Challenges

crystalmethSince law enforcement agencies across the United States, especially in California and the Southwest, have been so vigilant about tracking down methamphetamine shipments, the manufacturers of the drugs have had to think of new ways to smuggle and distribute it. The amount of methamphetamine being produced in the United States has lessened, but that doesn’t mean that addicts aren’t able to get their hands on the powerful drug.

To avoid detection by U.S. authorities, producers have been making methamphetamine in Mexico for quite some time. In order to get the drug into the United States, reports indicate that the cartels are liquefying the crystals and transporting them in sealed alcohol bottles or laundry detergent containers. Once the liquid is in the United States, labs then dehydrate the drug and turn it back into crystals.

Law enforcement started noticing this trend developing over the last few years, and it is starting to become more and more likely that this is how meth is getting into our country. This also brings additional problems, as any form of meth does. Since the people who are taking the methamphetamine from liquid form to crystals are not exactly professional chemists, they run the risk of harming themselves and others in the process.

For example, emergency services responded to a home after it was blown up. It turned out that meth cooks were inside evaporating the liquid using dangerous, highly combustible chemicals and blew up the house. They caused damage to surrounding houses and were eventually arrested. There are several reports of similar incidents all around the state of California.

Methamphetamine in liquid form is also highly dangerous, as it is highly concentrated. A 16-year-old boy died last year after taking a sip of liquid meth. He was trying to prove to police that he was not carrying anything illegal. He took a sip and then started screaming in pain and passed away a few hours later.

Methamphetamine manufacturers and law enforcement are continuously trying to out-smart each other when it comes to getting methamphetamine to the streets. Transporting meth in liquid form is just the newest way to smuggle the drug, but law enforcement is on the lookout for the next creative method.

Ultimately if there is a will there is a way. While it is good to try and prevent widespread distribution of harmful substances, the better, longer-lasting effects usually come from successful drug prevention and addiction treatment practices.