True Blood Actor Reveals Past Alcoholism

chrisbauerChris Bauer plays Andy Bellefleur on the popular HBO series True Blood. Recently, Bauer has started opening up regarding his past alcohol and drug use. He states that it wasn’t until he shot the pilot for the show that he finally got clean from his substance abuse. Like many addicts, it took an intervention from his family and the threat that he would lose his wife, son and daughter. Bauer decided to share his story now that True Blood is coming to an end.

Bauer began drinking at the age of 14 and didn’t stop until he was 40. According to the actor, he could never have just one drink and always sought out more alcohol. This is a common characteristic of an alcoholic and Bauer believes he was out of control from the first drink. He said he started noticing that he was drinking more than anyone else around him. Towards the end of his addiction he was attempting to hide his drinking and unable to go to functions because he was too intoxicated.

Like many alcoholics, Bauer had convinced himself that he really didn’t have a problem. He would make his children breakfast every morning – so that meant he was a good father. He would attend industry functions and book gigs – so that meant that he was a good actor. Drinking and doing drugs is seemingly a common occurrence in Hollywood, so much so that Bauer had himself convinced that he was just doing what everyone else was doing. Obtaining drugs is not hard to when you are a working actor, but Bauer always felt himself doing more drugs and drinking more alcohol than his associates.

One morning, after a particular heavy drinking binge, Bauer woke up with his clothes still on from the night before and his five year old daughter standing in front of him. He realized he had been saying something to her but had no idea what it was. Bauer knew that something had to change. His wife, Laura, eventually made it clear that she would not stay with him if he kept drinking and doing drugs. With the help of sober friends and meetings, Bauer managed to get sober and has not touched a drink or a drug in seven years.