Marijuana Treatment Admissions Increase Along With THC Content

potplantCNN’s Sanjay Gupta made headlines last week when he endorsed marijuana for medicinal purposes, but the network also highlighted some important facts about the drug, such as the rising percentage of THC content in today’s weed.

Experts claim that pot from the 1970’s had a THC content of roughly 1%, while the average potency of the drug now is about 13%, with some blends reaching more than 25%.  This presents a significant factor in the overall debate on the dangers of marijuana.

While anyone would be hard-pressed deny that alcohol is a much bigger problem in America, the treatment admission rate for primary marijuana was 21 percent higher in 2010 than it was a decade ago.  There were more than 330,000 treatment admissions for primary marijuana use in 2011 alone.

Additionally, an article also states that more than 455,000 patients entered emergency rooms with marijuana in their system in 2011, a 19% increase from just two years earlier according to government statistics.

Wo, while the immediate effects of marijuana abuse may not be as severe as alcohol or other drugs, it doesn’t change the fact that there are many people who wind up needing help to stop using it.  If you or someone you love is looking for treatment for marijuana abuse, contact Desert Cove Recovery today.