Myths About Drug Treatment Programs BUSTED

Myths About Drug Treatment Programs: BUSTED

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What have you heard about drug treatment programs that have influenced your perception of their effectiveness? How has this impacted your personal life or the life of someone you love? Let’s break down several of the most common myths about drug treatment programs and set the record straight.

Debunking Myths About Drug Treatment Programs

Myth #1 Drug Treatment Programs Are Only For The Rich and Famous

While the rich and famous are why we hear about inpatient drug treatment programs, this myth isn’t true. Many addiction programs are available and accessible to the blue color worker, the white color executive, and the celebrity. Many programs are covered by insurance and just as affordable as other medical or mental health interventions.

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Myth #2: Treatment Is No Different From Quitting On Your Own

Drug treatment programs are nothing like quitting a substance cold turkey alone. An old saying says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, let’s go together.” Quitting harmful or addicting substances on your own is not only dangerous, but it’s usually ineffective.

The most successful substance abuse recoveries are those supported by experienced providers and qualified clinicians over time. Enduring detox and withdrawal on your own only leads to a higher likelihood of relapse and potentially severe health complications.

Myth #3: Drug Treatment Programs Are Too Expensive

It’s true; some drug treatment programs have a hefty price tag. But this is the exception, not the rule, and usually refers to an inpatient facility in an exotic location far from home.

Local drug treatment programs and holistic recovery centers often accept a wide range of insurance providers and offer reasonable payment plans to help ensure you or your loved one gets the help they need.

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Myth #4: All Drug Treatment Programs Are Exactly The Same

This is one of the more severe myths that requires debunking. Not all drug treatment programs are created equal. Of course, some have developed poor reputations for treatment, compassion, and resources in their area. However, others have established a trusted foundation in their community and offer compassionate, supportive, and effective care for substance use treatment and holistic recovery.

Myth #5: You Won’t Be Allowed To Keep Your Phone During Treatment

This rule will vary from location to location. However, in many cases, those participating in drug treatment programs will still have access to there or mobile devices while receiving treatment. Some specific sessions may discourage or prohibit device use, but outpatient treatment centers like Desert Cove Recovery do not confiscate personal devices.

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Myth #6: You’ll Be Trapped At A Facility You Can’t Leave

There are generally two types of drug treatment programs and rehab centers: inpatient, residential, and outpatient. Attending a hospital-like facility or an inpatient or residential treatment program, you may be required to remain on-site or check out thoroughly.

Outpatient treatment programs offer the flexibility of part-time treatment schedules and the freedom to sleep at home without sacrificing the depth of care you would receive at a residential facility.

Myth #7: You’ll Just Be Another Number To Providers

High-volume and low-impact treatment centers have a notorious reputation. But as we’ve already established, not all treatment programs are created equal. Holistic recovery centers offer an individualized approach to evidence-based treatment that creates an ideal environment for healing and recovery personalized to your unique needs.

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Myths About Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Myth #1: If You Need Treatment, You’re Weak

This society-induced stigma about mental health and addiction treatment couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes someone with the strength of mind and character and a willingness to be vulnerable to look outside themselves for the support they need.

Myth #2: You’re Too Far Gone

If you are still here, you’re not too far gone. There is always hope when pursuing recovery. Rock bottom is never too rocky, and your addiction is not too much for you to overcome with the proper support.

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Myth #3: You Don’t Have An Addiction Problem If You Can Keep A Job

This common myth doesn’t apply to many substance use disorder sufferers. Addiction and substance dependence takes many forms and cannot necessarily be characterized by an inability to fulfill obligations.

However, there are some substances (meth, cocaine, fentanyl, etc.) that can be all-consuming and eventually lead to poor performance or absence from work. Other substances like opioids and stimulants can be maintained long-term before misuse is identified.

Healing From Substance Abuse: Support At A Holistic Recovery Center

Professional holistic treatment is the most effective solution if you’re beginning to see the negative consequences of substance abuse in your life or simply wish to focus on a healthier future. Call Desert Cove Recovery today to learn more about how we can help.