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  • International Overdose Awareness Day
    Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

    International Overdose Awareness Day

    International Overdose Awareness Day Each year, thousands of people around the world observe International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31 to pay tribute to those whose lives have been...
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  • Your Addiction Does Not Define You
    Saturday, February 1st, 2020

    Your Addiction Does Not Define You

    Your Addiction Does Not Define You When you’re battling an addiction, a million thoughts run through your head. Am I the only one going through this? Will I get...
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  • Outpatient Addiction Rehabs Arizona
    Friday, November 1st, 2019

    Outpatient Addiction Rehabs Arizona

    Outpatient Addiction Rehabs Arizona When you or someone you love has an addiction problem, realizing the need for help is the first and most challenging step. Once you admit...
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  • Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
    Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

    Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

    Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Similar to withdrawal from prescription or street drugs, alcohol withdrawal comes with a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Though these alcohol withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable, in most...
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  • You Can Quit Drinking for Good
    Sunday, March 31st, 2019

    You Can Quit Drinking for Good

    You Can Quit Drinking for Good Many alcoholics may have trouble admitting they have a drinking problem because alcohol is socially accepted as opposed to other drugs that lead...
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