Why Now is the Time to Get Addiction Treatment Help

Why Now is the Time to Get Addiction Treatment Help

Mental health and substance abuse treatment is a vital service to individuals and communities year-round, and especially in highly stressful and uncertain times that we currently find ourselves in. This is why rehab programs like Desert Cove Recovery remain open and welcoming to people in need of help.

Substance use often increases during times of crisis or hardship, and the current health and economic conditions in the United States and around the world are unsettling, as millions of people have lost their jobs and are seeking relief. Tack on the isolation component, which is a factor that often worsens substance use and mental health disorders, and the urgency for those to seek out a rehabilitation program is very apparent.

Making Treatment a Priority

Why Now is the Time to Get Addiction Treatment HelpAccording to Dr. Kenneth Minkoff, “Since the late 1990s, best practice recommendations emphasize that individuals in crisis with active SUDs, and particularly those with comorbid psychiatric and substance use disorders, should be considered not only as ‘welcome’ but also treated on a priority basis.”

The article, titled Substance Use Disorders in Crisis Settings: Engagement, Assessment and Intervention Approaches1 was featured in an issue of the Psychiatric Times. Dr. Minkoff recommends protocols that are often standard for any treatment setting, such as proper assessment and stabilization, but points out that people in crisis should feel welcomed and safe.

Treatment Covered by Insurance

Most major insurance plans today have substance abuse and mental health benefits, and Desert Cove Recovery will help you get the maximum allowable coverage based on medical necessity. Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the Addiction and Mental Health Parity Act, more people have been able to receive rehabilitation services due to better behavioral health benefit mandates.

Extended Care Available

Although some treatment programs end off around the 30-day mark, Desert Cove Recovery is a firm believer in individualized care. This means that treatment planning, including the length of stay, may vary from person to person. For this reason, Desert Cove has extended care available to be able to accommodate individuals who need and are seeking a longer-term engagement.

As we see the ongoing ramifications of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 in Arizona, throughout the United States, and across the world, Desert Cove will be here to continue providing excellent care for client who are with us now and those who seek out our help in the future.

If you have a substance abuse problem and would like to find out more about our program and services, call us today to speak with one of our treatment specialists.



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