When Drinking Becomes Addiction and the Need for Alcohol Rehabilitation in Arizona

When Drinking Becomes an Addiction and the Need for Alcohol Rehabilitation in Arizona

Most people consider it to be normal for a person to drink at a party or have a glass of wine with a meal. This type of behavior is often a routine and has very little negative stigma. However, it is easy for one drink to lead to two or more. Eventually, it may be difficult to stop altogether. The same can be said for drug use.

A misuse disorder exists when a person begins craving drugs or alcohol and can’t get through the day without the substances. At Desert Cove Recovery, we are an alcohol rehabilitation facility in Arizona that can help.

The Process of Addiction

In most cases, the process of addiction follows this particular pattern of steps.

    • Experimentation: This is the first time an individual tries alcohol or a particular drug. For example, a person may be curious or may try to fit into a social situation. Also, a person may begin drinking to deal with negative emotions or sadness.
    • Recreation: The next step occurs when a person starts drinking or taking drugs on a more frequent basis.
    • Regular Use/Misuse: By now, alcohol and drugs are becoming an essential part of an individual’s life. During this point, a person may be making poor decisions and getting caught. For example, they may receive a DUI.
    • Heightened Risky Behavior: Indeed, this step involves partaking in unusual sexual behavior or other risky social activities.
    • Dependence: When dependence takes hold, a person loses control. Their work performance deteriorates, and relationships suffer. During physical dependency, an individual’s body becomes used to receiving a constant supply of drugs or alcohol.
    • Addiction: The final stage is the development of a substance misuse disorder. A person does drastic things to get alcohol or drugs. The substances are no longer used to reach a high. Instead, they are used to prevent withdrawal.

Causes Behind Addiction

When a person takes drugs or alcohol, dopamine is released into the brain. This brings a euphoric feeling. With frequent use, the brain makes less of this chemical. This creates a tolerance, which means that a person must take more and more drugs or alcohol to receive the same effects.

Also, cravings make it difficult to get through the day. The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that the earlier a person starts using drugs or drinking alcohol, they are more likely to develop a severe misuse disorder.1

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The “Gateway Drug Theory” is the idea that taking certain substances raises the chances of trying more dangerous drugs later,2 such as:

Who is at Risk for Drug Addiction?

Indeed, certain factors increase the likelihood of addiction:

  • Biology: Everyone reacts differently to drugs and alcohol. Certain individuals instantly return for more. Others never use again.
  • Mental Illness: A person with a mental illness, including anxiety and depression, is at a higher risk of developing an addiction.
  • Social Groups: When a person’s social circle is full of people who use drugs, they are likely to use them as well. This often leads to addiction.

How Alcohol Rehabilitation in Arizona Can Help

There are several drug and alcohol rehabilitation Arizona facilities that offer help for misuse issues. An alcohol rehab facility is effective for a few reasons:

  • First, you will be away from the people and environments where your alcohol problem began.
  • Second, you’ll have the support of professional staff as well as your peers who are also in recovery.
  • Lastly, a high-quality Arizona alcohol rehabilitation center will treat the whole person, not just the disease. 

Desert Cove Recovery Offers Alcohol Rehabilitation Services in Arizona

At Desert Cove, we provide holistic care for addiction and dependency. Our safe and controlled environment is a perfect place to start recovery. We address a person’s total body, mind, and spirit.

Throughout our outpatient treatment options, we teach individuals positive coping skills that help maintain sobriety over the long term. We know most people have trouble reacting to life. Therefore, the staff at Desert Cove helps individuals respond in a healthier manner. For more information about treatment for alcohol or drug misuse, contact us today.


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