Arizona Inpatient Rehab and Treatment

Information About Inpatient Addiction Treatment at Rehab in Arizona

Arizona Inpatient Rehab & Treatment

When you are addicted to a substance trying to get sober on your own can be dangerous, especially during the initial detox period. In addition, a person who tries to overcome their addiction on their own is more likely to relapse in the future.

During inpatient addiction treatment, a monitored environment is provided for those overcoming addiction. In an inpatient setting, clients receive the medical attention they need along with the necessary emotional support to overcome any type of substance abuse.

An Arizona inpatient treatment program provides the highest level of care during the rehabilitation process. Clients have support in place around the clock, which is often important during those first few weeks of sobriety.

What Does An Arizona Inpatient Rehab Program Consist Of?

Residential treatment programs provide a place for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol with a place to stay while they are recovering from their addiction. 

Many inpatient programs believe in providing each of their patients with a treatment program that is designed specifically for them. Though it’s important to ask, as not all programs offer customizable treatment options for addiction.

For some people, this may be a thirty-day program while others will need a longer sixty or ninety-day program in order to improve their chances of success. 

There are several factors that may affect how long a person will need inpatient care. This includes how severe the addiction is, whether or not there are co-occurring mental health issues, and if a person has gone through inpatient rehab before.


Many rehab programs believe in a holistic approach to recovery, including Desert Cove Recovery.

The first step in the process will be to have the patient go through the detox process. The detox process can be completed at one of the facilities that we highly recommend.

During detox, the patient’s body will get rid of all of the toxins in the body from the drugs and alcohol they have consumed. It is important to go through detox under medical supervision because there can be some severe side effects that are caused by the detox process.

Counseling Programs

Behavioral therapy is also an important part of inpatient addiction treatment. Individual therapy sessions can help determine the underlying causes of a person’s addiction. There may be a mental health issue that a person struggles with that could be causing their addiction. There are many reasons that a person may turn to drugs or alcohol and the purpose of therapy is to help uncover these reasons.

Group therapy is also a part of most inpatient rehab programs. Group therapy provides patients with a safe place to discuss their addiction with others who may be going through the same type of issues that they are currently facing. During group therapy sessions, an experienced therapist leads the group in healthy discussions about their addictions. Group therapy helps to create friendships and bonds and is an important aspect of any therapy.

Nature therapy is also typically a part of some inpatient treatment programs. Being in nature can help a person soothe their soul and learn more about themselves. 

Some inpatient programs utilize the 12 step program for recovery. This program has been around for many years and has proven to work for most people struggling with addiction. One false belief about the 12 step program is that you have to be religious in order for it to work. However, this is not necessarily the case. While some people do gravitate towards the religious aspect, other people simply look within themselves as the higher power in order to get through their recovery.

Why Choose Arizona Inpatient Treatment?

Even if you do not live in Arizona, choosing an inpatient treatment facility is a good way to ensure your success as a person in recovery. Traveling to another state or area for recovery is a good way to get a person out of their environment, which may be one of the causes of their addiction.

However, those who live in Arizona may prefer a treatment facility that offers inpatient services that are close to home and will provide them with the tools that they need to re-enter society as a sober individual while also being close to family.

One of the biggest reasons to choose an inpatient treatment program is because research has shown that a person who attends an inpatient treatment program is more likely to remain sober over time. The success rate for an inpatient treatment program is much higher than traditional outpatient services or other programs.

When it comes to addiction, there is no real cure. A person has to be totally dedicated to their sobriety in order to be successful. An inpatient treatment program may help provide you with the tools that you need in order to re-enter the “real” world and remain sober.

Consider Your Options for Addiction Treatment in Arizona

If you have any questions about how an Arizona inpatient treatment program works or would like to know more about other options for addiction treatment in Arizona, please contact us today. We are here to help you through every step of your recovery process.

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