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How our Mesa Addiction Treatment has Saved Thousands

Mesa Addiction Treatment

Welcome to, your choice for addiction treatment in Mesa, Arizona.

We are a a rehabilitation and addiction treatment center that is interested in one thing: helping our clients on the road to recovery from addiction and dependency.

We believe that we offer the best treatment options for those based in and around Mesa and have a commitment to excellence that sets us apart from the crowd. Keep reading to learn more about our services and what sets us apart.

Our Treatment Options offers a range of treatment options for those looking for addiction treatment in Mesa, Arizona.

Our selection of treatments are offered based on our approach and philosophy regarding addiction. We recognize the holistic and multi-faceted nature of addiction and we know that there are many different factors that can cause someone to require rehab or treatment. These include lifestyle factors, spiritual factors, psychological factors and more.

As you’ll see from our list of treatments, we have measures to address each of these concerns and so to restore all the pillars of health that will help you on your way to a complete and long-lasting recovery.

These include…

Detox Referrals

While there are many different aspects influencing an addiction, the most pressing concern and the one that we need to address first is always the physical element. Drug abuse leads to dependency and tolerance, as well as symptoms of withdrawal that make overcoming the condition difficult. Until we have dealt with these physical and chemical changes in the brain, we won’t be able to set you on a path to a full recovery.

This is why our first step is to refer our patients to professionals that can help them with a chemical detox if they need it.

Outdoor Therapy

One of the most important considerations when looking at the factors that led to an addiction, is the spiritual aspect. You don’t need to be religious, but believing in something bigger than yourself, having a sense of purpose and perspective – these are things that can help you to feel content and psychologically healthy.

Our outdoor therapy sessions help with this. They involve spending time outdoors, building leadership and teamwork skills and reconnecting with nature. This takes your mind firmly off of your addiction and helps you to find greater meaning and peace.

The 12-Step Process

The 12-Step Process is a structured framework that takes patients through 12 separate steps designed to guide them through their recovery to help them avoid relapse. This program is used by a huge number of rehabilitation centers and has been a staple in addiction treatment for many years. The simple reason is that it works and we have seen countless patients benefit from it.

Holistic Ongoing Treatment

These are just three examples of the treatments we offer to locals of Mesa, Arizona. Our aim is to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach that will also look at co-occurring cases of mental illness, and utilize such methods as CBT and mindfulness to address that.

We also offer a unique ongoing treatment option for those that are ceasing their rehabilitation. This is designed to provide after care to our visitors long after they have left our premises – to give ongoing support and to help avoid a relapse.

During your ongoing treatment, you’ll be able to choose from the treatment options you found most helpful in order to build a customized program that suits your specific needs, lifestyle and attitudes. We recognize that everyone is different and we provide unique treatments for all as a result.

Our Center

Our center is located on beautiful grounds in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are confident that all our visitors will feel instantly calm and at ease as soon as they step foot through the door and discover our calming atmosphere, our sensitive and friendly staff and our attention to detail.

If you aren’t local and have to travel in, we believe this can be an advantage and help with your recovery. Often, treatment is made more difficult by our environment and can provide a number of different triggers and potentially bring on a relapse. Being away from home can be a good first step in and of itself.

Not only that, but coming to our center guarantees discretion and privacy, which is enhanced by being away from your usual locales.

Who is For?

We welcome all kinds of people and those suffering with a wide range of different addictions and mental health issues. No matter what your problem, we believe we have something to offer as long as you can get to us.

Our treatment options cover:

  • Substance abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • And more

Get in Touch Today

At, we are truly committed to our patients. We are passionate about delivering a comprehensive service that you can rely on and we absolutely will not stop until you leave feeling like yourself again. We hope you’ll consider giving us a chance to prove what we can do, so get in touch and find out more.

To open a dialogue, just give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your case and to offer any recommendations and advice. There is no obligation, but this might just end up being the first step on your journey to a full recovery.

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