At a Drug Treatment Center in AZ The Impact of Exercise on Addiction Recovery

At a Drug Treatment Center in AZ: The Impact of Exercise on Addiction Recovery

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Becoming a client at a drug treatment center in AZ is an opportunity to make every aspect of your life better. Substance use issues can hurt your physical and mental health. Part of recovery is healing your body’s systems so that you can have the energy and vitality to enjoy life.

Most rehab facilities include regular physical activity in each client’s treatment program because studies have shown that exercise aids recovery. [1] Almost every form of activity, from a brisk walk to competitive swimming, offers benefits to those who are recovering from a substance abuse disorder.

5 Ways Exercise Aids Recovery At A Drug Treatment Center in AZ

You already know that exercise is good for you. It’s impossible to escape this message even if you try, but not everyone knows that exercise is perfect for people with a history of substance misuse. Drug and alcohol addiction not only affects brain health, but it can also damage your respiratory system, digestive system, muscle strength, dental health, and more.

Regular exercise is a natural, free, or low-cost way to help repair the damage. Physical activity may also help you avoid relapse.

1. Improve Sleep

Individuals in recovery, especially those who have just begun their recovery journey, often have trouble sleeping. There are many reasons for this, but one is that withdrawal from drugs and alcohol causes GABA receptors in the brain to be under-stimulated. Under-stimulation can cause insomnia and other sleep difficulties.

Aerobic exercises like running or brisk walking stimulate GABA receptors, leading to more relaxation and improved sleep. Some yoga positions have also been found to aid with sleep.[2]

While you sleep, your body is busy repairing itself. Most of the body’s restorative processes are done while you sleep.[3] Good sleep habits are not only important while in treatment, but getting enough sleep is an essential self-care element that can help you avoid relapse.

2. Relieve Stress With A Drug Treatment Center in AZ

Stress is one of the significant causes of drug and alcohol use. Stress also plays a substantial role in relapse. That’s why drug rehab programs emphasize the importance of learning stress management skills.

Any form of exercise that increases your heart rate will release the “feel-good” endorphins that elevate your mood. Exercise also reduces the body’s stress-producing hormones. You don’t have to work out for hours to relieve stress. Even small amounts of activity are beneficial. Experts recommend approximately 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week — about 25 minutes each day — to reap the stress-relieving benefits.[4]

3. Provide Routine

Finding healthy activities to fill their time is a serious issue for people recovering from substance abuse. Exercise is a smart way to help create structure in the day. Consider taking an exercise class that meets on a regular schedule or commit to joining a walking group that meets regularly.

Is there a specific time of day that triggers your desire to use substances? Schedule your workout for that time. You’ll have a built-in excuse for skipping happy hour with coworkers while enjoying a workout’s health benefits.

4. Boost Self-Esteem

Doing hard things builds confidence. Your self-esteem will grow as you increase your walking distance, lift heavier weights, or shave seconds off of your running time. The more confidence you have in your ability to live a healthy life, the better your chances of maintaining sobriety will be.

5. Meet New People

Cultivating new social circles is excellent for your behavioral health. Making the lifestyle changes needed to stay sober often means leaving old friends behind. Joining a gym, a rowing club or a pickleball league provides the opportunity to meet other people who consider fitness a priority.

Drug Treatment Center in AZ

At the Desert Cove Recovery drug treatment in AZ, we take a holistic approach to wellness. Exercise plays a vital role in our treatment programs. Learning to live a healthy life that includes self-care is a significant change for most of our drug rehab clients. Our goal is to help people improve their self-esteem so they understand that they deserve the best life has to offer.

If you or someone you love needs the support of a compassionate rehab in Arizona, call Desert Cove Recovery today.