New Synthetic Drug Combines Two Highly Dangerous Substances

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25iAs if methamphetamine and LSD couldn’t get more dangerous, some drug manufacturers are combining synthetic stimulants and hallucinogens into one deadly substance. The drug is known on the street as N-Bomb, Smiles or 25-I. Synthetic drugs have gained in popularity as consumers have realized that they are oftentimes easier to purchase and that the drugs produce similar highs to regular street drugs. Unfortunately, a common side effect of synthetic drugs is a more intense and long-lasting high that can produce hallucinations and paranoia.

“This group of drugs is actually synthetic drugs, meaning they’re made in chemistry labs. They are a combination of a hallucinogen and a stimulant, so it’s kind of like a combination between LSD and methamphetamines together,” explained Dr. Jan Stephani who works at the Poison Control Center in Oregon. The Poison Control Center in the state received 50 phone calls from people who had consumed the drug. Reports also indicate that 19 people died after taking N-Bomb.

The most common drugs in this category include bath salts and synthetic marijuana. Now this new concoction takes already harmful chemicals and mixes them to create an even more dangerous mental and physical state.

In order to make the public aware of the dangers of such a drug, Poison Control has started discussing the amount of emergencies and deaths that were the outcome of this new drug. Experts warn that consuming this drug can cause seizures, breathing and heart problems. For those that are not sure if someone has consumed N-Bomb, many users become very agitated and complain of frightening hallucinations. Hallucinations, paired with the intensity of the stimulant can cause a person to lose their sense of reality and act out in order to protect themselves from perceived threats.

What makes this drug even more dangerous is that it can be purchased on the internet. This means that users do not have to risk going on the streets to buy the drug, or even knowing someone who sells the drug, they simply have to go online.