Signs of Meth Use and Why G

Signs of Meth Use and Why Going to a Meth Addiction Treatment Center is Important

Signs of Meth Use and Why Going to a Meth Addiction Treatment Center is Important

Methamphetamine, which is more commonly known as “meth,” is one of the most dangerous street drugs available. That is because of its extreme toxicity to the brain’s pleasure center, nerve terminals, and neurochemical synapses and the destruction that it does to the blood vessels and other organs of the body. It is also extremely addicting because of the way that it causes a large amount of dopamine to be released in a short amount of time. It is crucial that anyone who suspects that someone they know has a problem with this drug learns about the signs of meth use and encourage meth addiction treatment.


Methamphetamine can stay in the body for up to 24 hours. This is what separates it from other amphetamines that only cause a rush of energy for a few hours. So one of the first things that a person will notice about someone who is using it is that they barely sleep for several days at a time. And when they finally do, they will have an energy crash that makes them stay asleep for days. This most commonly occurs whenever they run out of the drug, though.

Extreme Energy

The next sign of methamphetamine use is a sudden increase in a person’s energy level. For example, a person who is usually lethargic will appear to be hyperactive and twitchy. And they won’t be able to sit still or complete any tasks that require concentration and focus.

Teeth Damage

Because of the way that methamphetamine is introduced into the body through the mouth, everyone who uses it experiences severe damage to their teeth. At first, the front teeth will look darker and stained. Then, they will finally break off, which will leave a large gap that can be seen whenever they smile or talk. If a person doesn’t get help at a meth addiction treatment center, in time, they may end up losing all of their teeth.

Heart Damage

After a person has used methamphetamine for a while, the effects of the drug won’t be as potent anymore. Their body will start to develop a tolerance to it. So they will begin to need a higher dose of it to feel the same as they did whenever they first started taking it. Unfortunately, this often leads to permanent damage to their heart because it induces tachycardia, chest pains, vascular damage, and high blood pressure.

Psychological Changes

A person’s mental health is severely impaired by methamphetamine use. Because of the way that it affects the neurochemicals in the brain, meth use can lead to hallucinations, aggression, depression, and extreme paranoia. These psychological changes are most often noticed by others whenever a person who uses it has been taking it for days, though. That is because they can become incredibly violent and dangerous during this time. It is not uncommon for them to be arrested for attacking others or causing property damage while they are high on it.

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Job Loss and Family Problems

Methamphetamine use causes a person to lose interest in everything that they used to love because all that they can think about is how they can get more of the drug. Because of this, they will often lose their job and have constant arguments with their family members; especially if they have been stealing from them to buy more meth. Children of meth users typically suffer the most since often they are neglected. Child welfare agencies frequently receive calls from concerned neighbors regarding children who are living in filth or haven’t eaten for days because of their parent’s meth use.

Weight Loss

This drug speeds up a person’s heart rate and other metabolic responses, which leads to a high amount of calories burned while it is in the body. So it results in sudden weight loss. At first, this might seem like a positive effect, especially if someone has struggled with their weight for years. But as the meth use continues, they will become dangerously emaciated.

Finding Meth Addiction Treatment 

This is just a short list of some of the most common signs of methamphetamine use. Each person’s addiction problem is unique, though. If you suspect that one of your friends or family members has a meth addiction, it is crucial to contact a treatment center for more information on how to get them help. If someone who is using methamphetamine attempts to stop taking the drug while they are not in a treatment facility, they could become dangerously ill from it. A meth addiction treatment facility can help ensure that they detox safely while they are monitored by trained medical staff. Afterward, they can begin special individual and group counseling sessions to help them work towards sobriety.