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Why You Should Start Your Rehab Journey at Our Center

Gilbert Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you or someone you love is fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may feel completely helpless and lost. You may have even given up hope. Don’t despair. Desert Cove Recovery is here to help.

As the leading drug and alcohol rehab center in Gilbert, Arizona, we fully understand the challenges that addiction causes, but we also know that it can be treated. Extensive research has found that with the right treatment, addicts can, in fact, overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol, avoid ever using again and move forward to live a happy and healthy, drug-free life. At Desert Cove Recovery, our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of addiction have allowed us to develop a highly effective treatment program that has proven to help countless people beat addiction and remain sober. We are positive that we can help you, too.

Our Treatment Approach

There are various rehab facilities in Gilbert; however, Desert Cove is unlike any other facility you’ll find. What sets us apart from all of the other drug and alcohol rehab centers? – It’s our approach to treating addiction.While we do offer services that are similar to other rehab centers, we combine them with our own unique services, creating a truly customized approach.

At Desert Cove Recovery, we offer the treatment services:

  • Upon entering our facility, all patients undergo a thorough intake process. During this process, we will be able to determine if detox is necessary. For many people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, detox is the first step and most important step in the treatment process, as it helps to prepare them for rehabilitation.
  • A 12-Step Process. Unlike other programs, our 12-step process is not based on religion or accepting a higher power. Our model guides patients through the 12 steps of recovery without any religious affiliation.
  • Holistic Treatment. At Desert Cove Recovery, our top priority is to help every patient that we serve beat their addiction to drugs or alcohol. By taking a holistic approach, we don’t focus on treating just the addiction, but we concentrate on treating the entire person – mentally, physically and spiritually. We believe that in order to truly overcome addiction and attain – and remain – sober, the underlying factors that lead to the addiction in the first place must be treated. We offer a number of programs and therapies that aim to address all of the factors that may have lead to addiction so that our patients can truly beat the disease.
  • After Care. Treatment for addiction is an on-going process; it’s not something that a person will be completely cured of once walking out of our doors. While we certainly provide the tools that are necessary to help our patients overcome addiction and attain sobriety, actually remaining sober can be challenging once you enter back into the ‘real world.’ Through after care, our patients are able to receive continued care that will help to keep them on the right path and avoid relapse.

At Desert Cove Recovery, our treatment programs have been specifically crafted to treat the following:

  • Drug addiction and abuse
  • Alcohol addiction, abuse and dependency
  • Co-occurring mental disorders that may lead to and compound addiction.

The Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

While many people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol think that they can stop using any time they want to, and may try to stop using at some point, often, they end up relapsing and continue the vicious cycle that is addiction. The treatments offered at a rehab center have been proven to provide a number of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • A support system that will enhance the desire to beat addiction and achieve sobriety.
  • Education and strategies that all patients to truly understand their addiction, gain control of it and move forward toward a life of sobriety.
  • Greater success, as patients who receive the proper treatment – treatment that is offered at a rehab center – are less likely to relapse and remain sober than those who attempt to stop using on their own.

Given all of these benefits, if you or your loved one is battling addiction and is serious about attaining sobriety, attending a rehab center may be the best decision you ever make.

Getting Help

The very first step toward treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is admitting that a problem exists. Once a person admits that he or she is in need of help, it’s time to consider your treatment options. Choosing the drug and alcohol rehab program at Desert Cove Recovery may be the best decision you will ever make. We will provide you with a safe, comfortable space where you can learn about your addiction and truly overcome it. Our program has made it possible for those who seek sobriety to actually attain it.

Whether it is you or someone you love who is battling addiction, help is available, and our caring, compassionate, highly trained and very experienced staff can provide it. Please, don’t let another day pass you by. The sooner you contact us, the sooner your rehabilitation can begin, and the sooner you can put your addiction behind you and look toward a brighter, happier and healthier future, free of drugs and alcohol.

At Desert Cove Recovery, we believe that you can beat addition, and we know that we can help.

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