Phoenix Addiction Treatment

Why Our Phoenix Addiction Treatment is the Top Rated Rehab Center in Arizona

Phoenix Addiction Treatment

Desert Cove Recovery is a treatment center for addiction based in  Arizona. We invite clients based in Phoenix to come and give our center a visit and to consider us on your road to a full and speedy recovery.

On this page, you can learn all about our Phoenix treatment options for recovering addicts and from there you can make an informed decision as to whether or not we are the right choice for you.

About Us is a treatment center that takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to recovery. We do not believe in treating our patients like a checklist, but rather we understand the delicate and sensitive nature of addiction.

Addiction is never a choice. In some cases, it can happen by accident. Very often though, it is the result of confounding factors such as life pressures on the individual and potentially an underlying mental health disorder.

For many, drugs or alcohol can be used as a form of self-medication to treat conditions like depression or anxiety – or to escape the threat of debt. For others, the drugs might even be prescribed medication intended to treat pain or panic attacks.

There are also lifestyle factors – such as social pressure, financial difficulties, and more. All these things can contribute to what eventually becomes an addiction and we believe that we need to consider all these factors to help with a full recovery.

That’s why we offer a range of different treatment options.

Our Treatment Options

Our treatment options are aimed to help people struggling with:

To address these issues, we provide:

Detox Referrals

Sometimes an addiction will require a full chemical detox. This is designed to ‘wean’ the patient off of the drug in order to end their feelings of dependency and withdrawal. Until the physical addiction has been addressed, we cannot help with the behavioral and psychological factors.

We will start with a full diagnosis and if we deem that detox is necessary, then you will be referred to one of our trusted partners.

The 12-Step Process

The 12 step process is used by rehabilitation and addiction centers all around the world. This is for one good reason: the process works.

The 12 step process does not require you to be religious, but rather allows for you to apply your own meaning and to find your own form of spirituality. What it does is to provide a framework and a series of steps that can help to take you from an addict, to healthy again.

Outdoor Therapy

Very often, addiction will be caused partly by the environment that the patient is in. Common lifestyle activities and even certain people can end up becoming ‘triggers’ that cause you to fall back into unhealthy and destructive behaviors.

This is where outdoor therapy comes in. The objective here is to take you out of your usual environment and to have you doing something new. You’ll learn leadership skills and will have the chance to reconnect with nature.

Extended Care

For those that feel they need more treatment, we also offer an ‘extended care program’. This program allows the patient to select the specific forms of treatment that they found most useful and to benefit from those on a longer-term basis. This aftercare is one thing that separates us from other rehab centers. We strongly believe in helping you to continue your journey after you’ve left our premises and we understand how different each individual is.

Our extended care includes:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Small group therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention
  • Transition process

A Holistic Approach

The other difference in our philosophy and approach is the emphasis that we place on a holistic addiction treatment. That means that we will consider every single factor that may have contributed to your addiction in the first place and we will work to build the many pillars of health and psychological well-being to get you back on track.

This holistic approach includes all of the different forms of treatment that we have discussed so far, along with approaches such as CBT and mindfulness. Here, patients learn to become more aware of their own thoughts and behaviors, so that they can work to challenge and fix them through ‘cognitive restructuring’. This is an approach that has been backed by a large body of research and that proves effective for many of our inpatients and outpatients.

As well as taking a holistic approach, we also take a customizable approach or individualistic approach. That means that we let you choose the types of therapy you want and we adapt our approach to suit each specific case. Every person is different and every type of substance abuse is just as unique.

Getting in Touch

If you want to start treatment with us then, you can begin by calling us at [PHONE]. We’ll provide you with a free discussion and consultation so that you can decide which treatments are best for you and how you wish to proceed. We’ll never pressure you to make a decision – there is absolutely no obligation.

If you do decide to choose you can rest assured that you’ll be in the very safest hands. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful grounds and introducing you to our friendly and highly professional staff. For rehab treatment in Phoenix, we believe we have everything that you’re looking for.

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