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Acknowledging that you have an addiction and committing to attend a drug or alcohol rehab program can be one of the most difficult steps on your road to recovery. Many people worry about how the drug/alcohol rehab process will affect their daily lives. It can be scary not knowing what rehab is really like.

The more you know about drug or alcohol rehab, including what you can expect when walking into our treatment program, the amount of time that you may spend in the treatment program, and the costs associated with treatment, are just a few questions that you may have. Here are some answers to these questions to make your journey to rehab easier.

What is Desert Cove Recovery?

Our drug and alcohol rehab program at Desert Cove Recovery is a program that is aimed to help those who may be struggling with any type of addiction. Our program helps addicts create goals so that they can work towards leading a happy, healthy, and sober lifestyle.

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment at Desert Cove Recovery is tailored to meet the needs of each individuals. We believe that treating the entire body and mind is an important aspect of recovery. Treatment for drug/alcohol abuse will typically include detox, individual and group substance abuse therapy, relapse prevention education, and an aftercare planning program before completing your stay so that long-term sobriety can be maintained.

What is Detox?

The detox process is an important part of drug/alcohol rehab. During the detox process the body will rid itself of toxic influences from alcohol or drugs. The detox process will vary greatly based on each individual. How long a person has used drugs and an individual’s health history will affect the detox process.

Detox should be completed under medical care. At Desert Cove Recovery we will recommend a detox center for you to attend for the detoxification process. There are some medical issues that may arise during detox, which is why it is important to have appropriate medical care while going through the process.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Therapy

After detox has been completed, our team will work with you to come up with a therapeutic plan. Individual and group therapy will often be recommended as each have many benefits when it comes to recovery.

Most people who have a drug or alcohol abuse problem also have an underlying mental or health issue. It is during therapy that many people discover what the underlying issue is. Once discovering these underlying issues, it is easier to understand your addiction.

It is also during therapy where a person will discover their triggers. A trigger is something that sets a person on a path to use drugs or alcohol again. It is important to be able to recognize triggers and high-risk situations and how to avoid them in order to fully recover from your addiction. Our staff will not only help you recognize these situations but will also work with you to teach you the skills that you need in order to prevent relapses.


As you progress through the recovery process and near the end of your drug or alcohol rehab, our staff will work with you to develop an aftercare plan. This plan may include ongoing therapy, support groups, or even sober living arrangements if necessary. At Desert Cove Recovery we believe the aftercare services we provide are just as important as the services we provide during rehab.

How Long Does Drug Alcohol Rehab Take?

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab there is no set amount of time that it takes. Each person is different and it will depend on many different factors such as the history of addiction, the severity of the addiction, the types of substances that are used, and any co-occurring mental or medical issues. In addition, the emotional, social, mental, physical, spiritual, and cultural needs of each individual will come into play when considering the amount of time that rehab will take.

How Much Does Drug Alcohol Rehab Cost?

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab is something that many people worry about. However, it is important to know that most of the time insurance will cover the cost of these programs. There are also many other forms of assistance available to help cover the costs of rehab.

While the cost of rehab may be used as a deterrent for some individuals, it is important to remember that addiction comes with many costs as well. Addiction has many costs such as:

  • Legal fines
  • Drug costs
  • Less productivity at work
  • Medical bills associated with mental and physical issues that are associated with addiction

In addition, addiction can “cost” in other ways as well such as poor health, deteriorating relationships, and overall unhappiness.

Overall, addiction can be quite costly, which is why the cost of rehab should not be a deterrent. If you are addicted to a substance and need help with your issues, contact us today for help. We will discuss any questions that you may have about our program and are happy to help you on your road to recovery. We know this can be a difficult journey and our staff will be with you every step of the way.

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