Addiction Prevention and Intervention Starts at Home

Drug abuse and the temptations surrounding drugs is often a difficult topic of discussion for many families. Parents hope and pray that their child does not grow up to become an addict or an alcoholic. However, preventing these dangerous behaviors takes more than just hoping.

It is not only important to discuss the temptation, danger and potential deadly effects of drugs, it is vital in order to help keep children safe and sober. In the past, some issues surrounding drug and alcohol have been so taboo that many people would choose not to acknowledge that the problem even existed, or that it was only “over there.” However, as more young people fall into a life that includes drug use, parents all over the country are realizing that in order to protect their children the uncomfortable conversations need to occur early and often.

In order to avoid discussing potential drug and alcohol abuse problems, many parents and family members sit back and hope that the problem will go away on its own. Sometimes they think that a simple change in circumstances will solve it, such as finding a new love, getting a new job or letting some time pass. However, it typically it takes much more than hoping to get rid of a substance abuse problem. It usually requires taking a proactive approach in discussing the problem and solutions, such as getting into treatment.

If a person is exhibiting strange changes in personality or behavior, these are often signs of drug or alcohol abuse: a sudden decrease in performance at school or work, excessive talking or silence, odd sleeping patterns, abrupt change of friends or associates, sudden financial problems or rapid fluctuations in weight. There are others, but these cover a wide range of noticeable behavior shifts.

Being aware of drug use symptoms is equally important for adults as well as teens. If you suspect your loved one has a drug or alcohol problem, contact Desert Cove Recovery to speak with a counselor who can help.