Additional Complications From Marijuana Use Discovered

marijuanaDespite legalization in Colorado and Washington, marijuana use still poses a threat to individual and public health. New research recently discovered that marijuana use can affect more major organs than the brain and lungs.

A French study of nearly 2,000 frequent marijuana users found that cardiovascular problems seemed to occur at a younger age than a typical population. For people opposed to the drug’s legalization and regulation, this information becomes helpful in their fight.

In other reports, there have been an increase in emergency room visits and at least two deaths attributed to marijuana edibles. In some respects, marijuana-laced foods and candies pose a greater health risk than smoking it. This is largely due to the impression that people may have in thinking that it is safe, but also because the effects take longer and do people tend to consume more.

There is also the increase in marijuana dependency. Although it will take a while to be seen through statistics-gathering in national studies, a larger population of people will become addicted to the drug. In addition to the damage that can be caused physically and mentally, there can be a wide range social ramifications as well.

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