Holistic Addiction Treatment Center Finding Gratitude In Recovery

Holistic Addiction Treatment Center: Finding Gratitude In Recovery

Holistic Addiction Treatment Center: Finding Gratitude In Recovery

Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what you have or receive. Having a mindset of perpetual gratitude can be highly beneficial for anyone. For those struggling with addiction, having a mindset of gratitude can help overcome past failures and look forward to the future with hope.

If you’re ready to move past the doubts addiction brings, a holistic addiction treatment center will teach you how to practice gratitude every day.

How Gratitude Can Help in Addiction Treatment

Since addiction treatment and recovery are challenging, having a continual attitude of gratitude makes those challenges easier. Gratitude is associated with greater happiness in positive psychology.[1]

Research suggests that focusing on gratitude can have a long-lasting effect. For example, two prominent researchers from the University of Miami, and UC Davis had three groups of participants focus on different tasks.[1] The first group wrote about something they were grateful for, the second group wrote about something that upset them and the third group wrote objectively about something that affected their lives. The gratitude group reported being the happiest several weeks later.

Multiple studies show the positive effects of gratitude. Some of the main benefits gratitude can produce are:

  • Better immune system, improved sleep quality, and reduced physical pain.
  • More intense positive feelings and fewer negative emotions each day.
  • Lower anxiety and depression risks.
  • Better productivity, creative abilities and alertness.

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How You Can Create an Attitude of Gratitude

A UC Berkeley researcher who spent the last decade studying gratitude pointed out that it’s especially important during difficult times. Although it can be challenging to find and maintain gratitude through trials, he says that we have the most to gain from gratitude during times of uncertainty.[2] There are several ways that you can train your mind to maintain gratitude.[3]

  • Learn to deeply appreciate even the smallest things in life.
  • During challenging times, focus on what you are grateful for.
  • Write down five or more things that you are grateful for every day in a journal.
  • Volunteer to help people in some way.
  • Find ways to create more joy in your life, such as spending more time with loved ones.

How an Arizona Holistic Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

In addition to helping you learn gratitude, a holistic treatment center focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery and wellness.

Holistic Treatment helps encourage gratitude by allowing you to heal in a calm and safe environment. While receiving this treatment, you will be able to safely detox and clear your mind. With the clarity that sobriety brings, you will be able to understand the triggers or reasons that led you to substance abuse in the first place. This will allow you to find other healthy ways to handle with these emotions when they arise again. Practicing an attitude of gratitude is one way to cope with these negative thoughts.

At Desert Cove Recovery, we are here to help when you are ready to reach out. Our compassionate team works with you to develop an individualized treatment approach that will help you break the cycle of addiction for good. To learn more, please contact Desert Cove Recovery today.


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