Lack of Exercise May Increase Odds of Alcohol Dependence

alcohol abuseExamining different habits that can affect a person’s likelihood of abusing alcohol has been the focus of many researchers over the years. As a whole, we have become more educated on many factors surrounding alcohol use disorders, including behaviors and treatments. Now a new study is showing that lack of physical exercise can cause a person to develop unhealthy alcohol habits.

This particular study focused on African-Americans, and the sample included more than 5,000 participants. It was determined that those who never exercised or very rarely exercised were twice as likely to develop some type of alcohol use disorder than those who took the time to get moderate or frequent exercise.

“There have been studies of the association between substance use and related comorbid health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. There has been little research that had examined the connection between exercise and decreased odds of alcohol use disorder,” explained April Joy Damian, a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

While the data sample group was of African-American men and women, the indication is that the results would be similar across any other ethnic group as well. One of the most positive conclusions from the research is that incorporating exercise and physical fitness into treatment for alcoholism, and likely other addictions, can help reduce the desire to consume the substances.

Alcohol and other drug addiction have both mental and physical components that do need to be addressed for the best chances at successful recovery. If you or someone you love has an alcohol problem, contact us today to see how we can help.