Arizona’s Higher Rate of Illicit Drug Use

fatherAccording to the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), Arizona is in the top ten states for several drug use categories, which isn’t a good thing. Some of those include illicit drug use other than marijuana, teen cocaine use in the past year and non-medical use of prescription painkillers.

Pharmaceutical substance abuse hits all age brackets, from teenagers to young adults and on through senior citizens. We have become a very medication-heavy society and the increased rate of prescription drug abuse is one very alarming indicator, with painkillers being the greatest threat in most areas.

Overall more than a thousand people died in Arizona as a direct result of drug use in a recent year, which was more than those who perished in automobile accidents or firearms that year, and the numbers appear to be increasing. There may be several contributing factors, such as increased availability due to trafficking in the state, but there are effective recovery solutions available.

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