I Need Help to Stop Drinking

I Need Help to Stop Drinking

I Need Help to Stop Drinking

For years people have consumed alcohol as a way to enjoy social gatherings or “unwind after a long day”. While alcohol has been associated with a positive way of relaxing and is easily accessible, it can be difficult to notice that you are becoming dependent on the substance. If you’re thinking “I need help to stop drinking,” then Desert Cove outpatient rehab services may be the best thing to help you conquer your addiction.

How Do I Know if I Need Help to Stop Drinking?

Taking some time to stop and think about if you are struggling with alcohol addiction can be very difficult. When addiction takes hold many don’t think they are struggling or that they consuming too much alcohol. They may believe they have their drinking under control and that they can stop anytime they want. Signs of alcohol addiction show through an individual’s action or even their physical appearance.

Common warning signs that indicate it’s time seek help include the following[1]:

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol
  • Criminal behavior such as theft
  • Feeling sluggish and hungover when you haven’t had a drink
  • Short-term memory loss and temporary blackouts
  • Mood changes and irritability that cause arguments
  • Feelings of anxiety or hopelessness
  • Getting into bad financial situations in order to buy more alcohol
  • Drinking more due to an increased tolerance
  • Neglecting important matters such as work, school, house duties or your pets in order to spend more time drinking
  • Feeling like you need to hide your drinking from friends and family.
  • Repeated unsuccessful attempts to stop drinking or using drugs.

All of the above are important warning signs that your drinking is getting out of control. Outpatient rehab programs can help get you on to a better, healthier path.

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Health Risks of Alcohol Addiction

There are many health risks and dangers that accompany drinking too much that should be considered even if you are unsure that you are struggling with addiction. Consuming too much alcohol too often come with both short and long term effects.

Short-Term Effects

Consuming too much alcohol has immediate effects that can escalate many existing health conditions and put others in the way of harm. These are the most common short-term effects that alcohol can have on your life:[2]

  • Accidents and injuries – can include such things as car accidents, falls, burns, or drowning
  • Violence – sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide, or suicidal thoughts or ideations.
  • Alcohol poisoning – resulting from high concentrations of blood in the alcohol, this can lead to death.
  • Risk-taking sexual behaviors – such as unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners.
  • Issues with pregnancy – alcohol consumption can lead to miscarriage, fetal alcohol syndrome, or stillbirth.

Long-Term Effects

If excessive alcohol use continues over time it can lead to chronic diseases and leave you debilitated. The most common serious issues caused by alcoholism include:[2][3]

  • Loss of memory or attention span
  • Brain issues such as decomposition of brain tissues
  • Liver diseases such as steatosis, liver fibrosis, or cancer
  • Heart complications such as high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, and cardiomyopathy
  • Cancers including colon, esophagus, breast, mouth, and colon cancer.
  • A weakened immune system, which makes you more susceptible to getting sick
  • Mental health problems such as new or increased anxiety and depression
  • Social problems including self-isolation

While you may not see the negative physical and mental effects that consuming too much alcohol can have on your life, it can cause more health issues later down the line. Seeking outpatient rehab services is the first step to help you get control of your life and help you plan for a better future.

Outpatient Rehab Can Help You To Stop Drinking 

Have you been feeling like you need help with your alcohol dependency? Are you telling yourself “I need help to stop drinking?” Are you seeking people who can help guide you through recovery and break free from your addiction? At Desert Cove Recovery, we have comprehensive programs that help get you there. We provide our clients with the highest level of care and offer a wide range of tools and resources to keep you on your path to recovery.

Programs may are designed using the following techniques:

  • Individual counseling
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Goal-oriented planning
  • Continued education
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family participation

Our outpatient rehab services help you get the help you deserve with the flexibility that fits your schedule. When you’re ready to take control of your addiction and begin your addiction treatment program, contact Desert Cove Recovery today to begin your alcohol addiction treatment program. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have and get you started today!


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