The Purpose of Group Therapy in Outpatient Scottsdale Rehab

The Purpose of Group Therapy in Outpatient Scottsdale Rehab

The Purpose of Group Therapy in Outpatient Scottsdale Rehab

When you’re getting treatment for substance abuse addiction, there are several types of therapy and rehab available to help you get on the road to recovery and live a sober life. For some people, that means inpatient services and therapy. But for others, outpatient services and therapy work best. There are many benefits of outpatient Scottsdale rehab that can help people rebuild their lives and leave their addictions behind.

Let’s take a look at the purpose of group therapy in an outpatient rehab setting.

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Why Group Therapy Works

Those new to the group therapy setting or those contemplating getting help through outpatient Scottsdale rehab may not fully understand why it works. Here are a few reasons to consider:

People don’t feel judged.

While there is a place for individual therapy to battle addiction, many patients thrive in a group setting because they don’t feel alone or judged. Although a therapist’s role is not to judge their patient, some may feel as though they are being looked down upon for their choices. When this happens, they’re not able to overcome their demons.

People get positive peer support.

In a group setting, people can get the support they need from people who are going through similar situations. It’s a judgment-free zone because everyone is battling an addiction. Groups can comfort and guide people who may be feeling lost or alone. 1 These feelings of loneliness may have led to anxiety and depression that could have fueled their addictions.

People can thrive and develop a healthy lifestyle.

With the right leader at the helm, group therapy can help participants develop healthy goals. Members can encourage each other to stay on track to reach those goals. This can be difficult in a private therapy session because it’s just the therapist and patient at work. When one person is not doing their job, there is a greater risk of failure. But, with group therapy, there is an entire team behind you to keep you going. Many times it takes the help of others to make it stick.

People can see others who have succeeded.

Many people who are battling substance abuse may find it hard to believe that they can live a sober life. But, through group therapy, they can learn from others who have succeeded. Many times people continue their sessions well after they’ve been sober for some time. This helps to keep them on track while helping others at the same time. 1

People feel like they are a part of a family.

Some who turned to drugs or alcohol may have never had the family support they needed. But, group therapy can give them that family feeling. Everyone in a group looks out for one another and helps each other succeed. This may be the first time that some members ever had this in their lives. This is just one of the reasons why group therapy can help.

The Benefits of Group Therapy in an Outpatient Setting

For many people battling addiction, an inpatient environment is just not feasible. Many people have jobs, families, and other responsibilities that make going to an inpatient rehab nearly impossible. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t get the help they need.

In an outpatient setting, patients can still get a high level of support and resources they need to battle their addiction. They can go about their daily lives while still attending group therapy sessions. These sessions are usually tailored around the group’s schedule, as most people will still be trying to maintain their jobs and other responsibilities as best they can.

Find Out More about Outpatient Scottsdale Rehab

If you’re ready to find out more about how group therapy can help you in an outpatient setting, contact the staff at Desert Cove Recovery. We specialize in outpatient services that can help people get on the road to recovery.

We understand that you want to overcome your addiction, but may not be able to commit to a lengthy inpatient program. That’s why our outpatient programs are designed to make getting help convenient and easy. Call us today or reach out to us online to learn more about our programs and how they can help you live the sober life you deserve.