Why the Holistic Treatment Center is Trending Why Holistic Practices Work So Well

Why the Holistic Treatment Center is Trending & Why Holistic Practices Work So Well

Why the Holistic Treatment Center is Trending & Why Holistic Practices Work So Well

There was a time when 12-step programs came extremely recommended as a form of treatment for substance use disorders. However, now it seems that holistic programs continue to gain more popularity each year. Many people see this as a trend that’s catching on when in reality, there is scientific evidence proving that these methods work. Going to a holistic treatment center is so much more than a trend. It is a healthy way of living, whether you are someone that struggles with substance abuse or not. 

Why are holistic rehabs trending? Holistic treatment can provide many physical benefits. The programs have a focus on mastering the mind, body, and spirit connection. The stronger this connection is, the healthier the decision-making skills are. In return, the individual lives a happier, healthier life, one that is free from the restraints of addiction. 

There are specific exercises and practices that work the best at achieving the mind, body, spirit connection. Below you will not only learn more about holistic treatment but also why it is so beneficial. 

What Is a Holistic Treatment Center?

Every rehabilitation facility will have their own twist on how to effectively treat substance use disorder via holistic treatment. That said, the ultimate goal in holistic alcohol and drug rehab programs is to educate the individual on protecting him or herself mentally, physically, and spiritually. The idea is to heal all three areas while simultaneously restoring one’s self-esteem and eating habits. 

Essentially, if you are unwell in one of the three main health areas (mind, body, and spirit), then you are unwell in all of them. If the balance is off, you must spend time in all three areas of health to reestablish balance. 

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What Are Some Common Holistic Treatment Practices?

If you are located in Scottsdale, AZ and are looking for a holistic treatment center, look no further than Desert Cove Recovery. You will receive personalized holistic care that targets the unique connection between your mind, body, and spirit connection. 

Here are some of the common holistic treatments offered at rehabilitation centers: 

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy 
  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Therapy 
  • Herbal Medicines

According to research conducted by Harvard Medical School, yoga can alleviate stress by regulating levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the brain.[1] Those who practice yoga are taught about mindfulness and living in the moment. Meditation is another great example of this.[2] By practicing the art of experiencing the present moment to the fullest and letting go of your thoughts, you begin to heal mentally and spiritually. 

Many have successfully utilized art therapy since the 1950s with different therapeutic benefits.[3] Once you have mastered the art of mindfulness, you are more likely to commit to your life of recovery. It is important to recognize that mindfulness is something that can never be mastered because it is ever-growing within you. 

Coming to this realization will make you want to create a lifestyle that maintains the mind, body, spirit balance. That is because you are more likely to dive into the root of the problem and face it head-on when you focus on those three health areas. The more efficient you are about addressing problem areas, the easier it will be to heal from them. 

Some Common Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs

Not only do you benefit from holistic treatment, but those around you do as well. Your loved ones will likely see your new lifestyle and observe the calming nature and want to follow suit. This is a common occurrence because anyone can benefit from healing their mind, body, and spiritual connection with themselves and the world around them. 

If you look at the aspects that make up holistic treatment programs, you can find studies supporting the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits associated with them. These therapies, when combined with other forms of treatment for addiction, have proven to be highly effective.

Holistic treatment programs are proving over and over again, how beneficial they are by the reduced number of relapse rates among those that complete the program. [4] You can improve your brain chemistry and hormonal balance via the practices in holistic treatment. It is time to take back your power and find the peace that resides within you. 

Find out what your life can be like without the stress associated with drug and alcohol addiction. Discover and tune into your power to create the life you’ve always wanted when you choose to let the specialists at Desert Cover Recovery help you. Contact them today to get more information on holistic treatment!



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